Song written in Burns Lake recorded

Beverly Elliott recorded a song she wrote with Lakes District musicians

Singer, songwriter and actress Beverly Elliott, also known as ‘granny’ from Once Upon a Time, recently recorded in her home studio a song that she wrote with her partner Chris Nowland and a group of Lakes District musicians.

The song was intended to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. The chorus reads, “O Canada, your majestic northern lights; O Canada, bonne fête to the red and white; We’ve been together for 150 years; And we’ll stand for 150 more.”

The local musicians who worked on the song include Janice Babych, Jay Finstad, Bernice Magee, Caleb Oman, Mike Robertson, Deneve Vanderwolf and Sarah Vanderwolf.

To listen to the song, search for ‘150 more Canada birthday song’ on YouTube, or visit