A truck encounters a pothole at the entrance to Balmoral Plaza after turning off Francois Lake Drive. The plaza owner is concerned about through-traffic at the lot.

Balmoral Plaza traffic a problem

Randy Hamp asks village to help pay for damages to parking lot.

The Village of Burns Lake council is mulling its options about what to do with the Balmoral Plaza parking lot and the intersection of Hwy. 16 and Francois Lake Drive.

Randy Hamp, owner of Balmoral Plaza, approached council as a delegation Sept. 2 to explain there is an issue with excess through-traffic using his parking lot as a means to turn left onto Hwy. 16. He stated this has caused damage to his lot.

Council then suggested it would be safer to reopen the intersection of Hwy. 16 and Francois Lake Drive to left turns because the traffic in the parking lot is very dangerous. It has been noted that repairs to the parking lot to fix the damage is estimated to be $50,000.

An option to install more green space in the parking lot to calm the traffic within it was discussed by council. They also suggested that the railway crossing could be closed.

When council asked how much of the repairs the village was being asked to pay for, Hamp clarified that the merchants had discussed 25 per cent.