Burns Lake to install new crosswalk

Burns Lake council has decided to install a crosswalk on Centre Street in front of the Lakes District Hospital and Health Centre following safety concerns from Northern Health.

The signage and line painting are expected to cost a maximum of $925, which will be paid from the village’s street signs budget. The lines on the pavement will require repainting every two to three years at a cost of approximately $500, which will be paid from the village’s roads and streets budget.

On April 24, 2017, council received a letter from Northern Health requesting that a crosswalk be installed in front of the Burns Lake hospital.

According to Marie Hunter, health services administrator for the Northern Health Lakes District area, a crosswalk would not only improve the safety of hospital patients, but also of people accessing the Burns Lake Playschool, The Pines and the Burns Lake Medical Clinic located across the street.

“There are a number of patients, physicians and staff that are crossing the street multiple times during the day,” said Hunter. “It was brought to the attention through WorkSafeBC and the local Joint Occupational Safety and Health Committee about the potential safety risk.”

“Centre Street is very busy and the RCMP continually patrol this part of the roadway, but it doesn’t seem to deter the speeders,” added Hunter. “It is the hope with a marked crosswalk that it will attract the attention of drivers to reduce speed and be mindful of congestion created by pedestrians and extra vehicle traffic.”