Not a protest; discussion welcome

Editor: Re: Lakes District News Oct. 15, 2014 issue;Gullwing Road


Re: Lakes District News Oct. 15, 2014 issue;Gullwing Road

Response the Mountain House of the Gilantan clan

We the N’eduten people are stewards of the land; therefore, we take very seriously our responsibility to manage and protect the territory. It is the traditional practice and responsibility for our people to safeguard and control the wildlife habitat by leaving areas untouched. In my own experience from flying over the area several times, there has not be many moose sightings within that specific area. According to the current B.C. moose population statistics “based on regional surveys, density extrapolations and expert opinion”, the moose population in BC is between 145,000 and 235,000, leaving a large difference of 90,000. In addition, the survey only included areas in the south-east of the Skeena region (Management unit 6-01 and 6-02) which did not include the traditional Gilantan territory. As leader of the Mountain House Clan, I really want to make it clear that this is not seen as a protest rather these measures were taken in effort to ensure that the moose population is left untouched in order to repopulate, and that this is our way caring for the land. It is important that we continue to discuss this issue. I encourage concerned parties to contact me at any time at the Lake Babine Nation Office of the Hereditary Chiefs.


Ronnie West