Hugh Neave

Francois Lake is warm enough to swim in this year

It’s good news to have my old type writing machine working again. It’s like me, it’s hard to get parts anymore.

The benches at St. Luke’s are over 70 years old

Canada Day came into Burns Lake with a parade. The best so we are told.

Hugh Neave.

There was a fox in the hen house but also the grouse nest

Here we are not too far for another month, July waiting to come in.

Hugh Neave.
Hugh Neave.

I had a wonderful Father’s Day at the Landing

Last week was special with Father’s Day. Mother’s had their day and now father’s can have their day.

Hugh Neave.
Hugh Neave.

Lakes District News office has lots of history

Something really caught my eye in the last paper and I quote “The Lakes District News received a face lift recently.

Hugh Neave.
Hugh Neave.

Soapy Smith and Jack McDougal big time gamblers

As I get older I try to remember some of the old stories that are so important to write about as they are going to get lost.

Hugh Neave.
Hugh Neave.

The water level on Francois lake is coming up

Always remember this little saying, it’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.

Hugh Neave.

This would be a good year for dandelion wine

The holiday weekend is behind us but what a wonderful weekend it turned out to be.

What a special day Mother’s Day is for all of us

It was Mother’s Day Sunday, what a great day it is too. Sun is shining and the little birds are at my feeder, a great day to be alive.

My heart goes out to the Hanson family

It is with a lot of sorrow that I write this very sad part to my news.

School days are the best days of your life

We were using slates no scribblers they came in later on. The hickory stick and the strap was still being used.

The ice is all but gone on Francois Lake

Things are back to normal after a wonderful Easter time.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday

When my next news gets out Easter will have come and gone but the true meaning of Easter will stay with us.

I can remember when stamps where three cents

The weekend coming up and looks like it might be a good one.

Water level is at its lowest ever at the Landing

Sun is shining and it’s so bright just makes a person glad to be alive.

Where oh where can our spring weather be?

The week’s seems to roll around so fast, I have a job just to keep up with them, but here goes for another week’s viewpoint.

Spring may be here but I think winter isn’t over yet

I noticed a little article in our last issue of the Lakes District News and I will quote “Good bye winter hello spring.”

Time change is a bit of bother and confusing

Today is the second time that I have had a report of wolves moving back into the Francois Lake district.

We have a great ski club here in Burns Lake

My typewriter gave me some trouble last week and I couldn’t finish my skink story so I will finish off this week.

The 100 anniversary of the driving of the spike

On Friday afternoon the residents of the Pines were invited to the Tweedsmuir House for a social afternoon.