Hugh Neave

Old pioneer families lose loved ones recently

Yes, some more sad news with the passing of another one of our well known pioneer families, Hoyt Burt.

Very interesting history about the Colleymount area

Just heard some Red-winged Blackbirds are back also some Canada geese are in the fields at the landing, could be an early spring.

Give me a call if you know some old stories

Last week my son Richard watched a lady lead a horse across on the ferry. This you don’t see very often.

Good bye to Stompin’ Tom Connars

It seems we have lost one our great entertainers, Stompin’ Tom Connars. He was a real down home country boy.

A nice visit with the Pines residents last week

When our family made our home at Francois Lake it was October and too late to get wood or hay for the cow and calf and horse.

Looking back at the history of the Landing

I have tried to try and record to the best of my ability the history of the Landing.

Why is the east of Francois Lake not freezing up?

Moving to Francois Lake was one of the best things our family ever did.

Francois Lake has had a post office for 103 years

I am trying to get some history of Francois Lake made up for the younger generation.

It’s been 72 years since Burns Lake has been my town

I have seen so many changes in our whole Lakes District. We made our home here and it was good.

Francois Lake has been a scarey ride for some people

Our weather has been so nice let’s hope it stays. Jan. 31 means we are half way through the winter, happy days.

Hello friends I am back in the saddle or so to speak

Well... just when I had said my goodbyes I am back.

I had a wonderful 90 birthday party; thanks to everyone who came

Here I am back again with my news and stories. I sure do miss writing every week so I am hoping I can get back into the groove so to speak.

My first taxi was a Chevrolet; best car I ever had

On Friday afternoon there was a celebration of life for Edith Bond held at the United Church

Best bluegrass festival at Grassy Plains Community Hall

Sorry I missed last week but was kinda busy and missed out.

I think summer has arrived as people are now swimming in the lake

Summer may have been a bit slow in coming but I think its made up for itself now it’s here.

Had a great holiday back to the old home place

Here I am once more back with my news. Nice to take a week’s holidays but it’s nice to be home again

I feel the future is bright for Burns Lake with lots to offer

In our last paper there is something I would like to remark on and it’s in plain letters ‘What does the future hold for Burns Lake’.

Great BBQ for seniors at Spirit Square last week

It’s Monday morning and the sun is out but still cool.

Great fun at sports day and a wonderful picnic too

It’s Monday morning, the start of another week. After having such a nice weekend it’s raining.

Back in the 40s Francois Lake was commercially fished

It’s early Tuesday morning, June the 5 and it’s raining and has all night.