Hugh Neave

Great job on Minerals North and our tourist guide

Another very sad event in our lives with the passing of Anne Waldron. She was a wonderful wife, sister, mother, grandmother and friend.

May day is coming back to Francois Lake hall next year

It was a busy time for the May long weekend. The Friday and Saturday to start of the holiday were busy and I mean busy.

Is that smoke or water vapour out at Pinnacle Pellet?

You can just hear the grass growing a, bit of a late spring but we will catch up. It’s the kind of day when you like to be alive.

We have so much talent in our Lakes District and area

It’s Monday morning, the start of another week and a very busy weekend left behind us

We all live in a very caring and energetic district

It has rained all night and now our front yard is a quagmire.

When spring comes along we forget miserable winter days

I guess I was a bit out on my news last week regarding the ice clearing out of Francois Lake.

Our hospital has served our community well over the years

Here we go starting out another week. It froze again really heavy, but spring is coming slow but sure.

After a long winter we all need a little recharging

Easter is also a time when families get together for Easter dinner and enjoy each others company

The birds figure spring has sprung, even if we don’t

It seems the birds are finding their way back now. Robins have been seen and lots of geese and swans.

If we can all shop local we can help keep our town alive

Received some sad news this morning with the passing of one of my very good friends, Bud Bennett.

Unwanted horse slaughter and exported to Japan

Here I am upstairs in my office starting out my news. The sun is so bright I have had to pull the blinds. What a pretty day it is.

Spring is on its way, it’s just a little slow this year

On Saturday last there was a retirement party for Donna Fowler held at the Francois Lake Hall.

Looking out on the lake for the last 72 years

Seems every day we seem to get a bit more snow, we just get our hill cleared off so we can go up and own and another dump of snow.

The coffee house at Grassy was a great fun filled evening

The Grassy Plains school gym was filled to capacity on Saturday last to pay respects to a good friend and neighbour, William Troy.

A watch horse is sometimes better then a watch dog

Here we are starting our another week. Although the nights are cold the days make up for it.

Stop by for a coffee any time; the door is always open

Here we are starting our another week and it’s such a lovely day. Feb. 6 the ferry keeps a wide open channel of open water.

Congratulations to the Cheslatta Carrier Nation

To start my news out today with giving our local paper a pat on the back for the excellent coverage they have given the mill disaster.

The worst disaster we have ever seen in the Burns Lake

I am upstairs in my room and trying to put something together for my news. I don’t really know where to start.

My prayers go out to all the families of Babine Forest Products

My heart felt sympathy goes out to all the families effected by the recent tragedy that happened at Babine Forest Products.

This weather is just crazy and causing havoc with farmers

Talk about an unseasonable winter, well we are having one.