Hugh Neave

Gold mine planned for 2017′

The Blackwater gold project has been acquired by a gold producing company who hope to see an open pit mine up and running at the site by 2017.

Boy was the Grassy Plain Bluegrass a great event or what?

The second annual Grassy Plains Bluegrass country jamboree is behind us but the memories of this wonderful weekend will remain with us for as long time.

Well I guess we can hope for our summer to come in August

Another week has come and gone. But what happened to our summer

The good thing about the bad weather is the fishing is good

We are well into July and still we have had no really hot weather. Some places it's too hot or flooding. We have a very heavy hay crop but so far no drying weather. Maybe there will be a turn and a break for the ranchers.

The weather so far this summer sure hasn’t been great

I just had a nice little note slipped under the P.O. door this morning.

White Swan Music Fest was great time and lots of fun

The first day of summer was a great day and it felt really like a nice warm summer day. Maybe summer has come.

Vandalism must stop and parents must start by teaching it at home

Another week is rolling around again, seems go faster as I get older.

Good to be back home and even nicer to see my tree in bloom

Here I am back again after such a wonderful holiday.

Heading back to my old stompin’ grounds next week

The Wagon Wheel is now open for another season. It's always a very popular place to watch the lake and enjoy their good and great hospitality. Also a nice place to visit for your friends.

May day weekend used to be such a big affair

What a shock to look out my window this morning and see of all things a blizzard and a good one too.

It’s Tuesday morning early and such a nice day. Makes a person glad to be alive to enjoy it, and I do.

Mother’s day
Mother’s Day is so special for us all. It’s a special day to remember our mother’s. When ever things got out of hand our mother was always there. No matter where or how tired she was mother was always there. Mother is long gone now but sometimes during the night I wake up thinking about her.

Francois Lake is coming up an inch a day

John Keefe has just returned from a holiday trip to Juneau, Alaska where he visited his daughter Ingrid and her husband Tim Fraychineaud. Tim is teaching school there and also teaches swimming and diving. Juneau is a very busy little city plus being the capital of Alaska.

Spring is supposed to be here but the darn snow won’t quit falling

Easter has come and gone, all but the happy memories that are left behind. We had such a wonderful time with family and friends.

We all got a surprise last week when the snow hit

It’s Saturday morning bright and early and I am starting my news a day or so a bit early. What a morning this is 16 of April and we have just had a foot of snow dumped onto us. It’s like the old boy said “You can’t win for losing” and looks like that’s it today

The history of St. Lukes church goes back to over 87 years

On Sunday afternoon last I had the pleasure to be invited to the First Mennonite Church for a spring-fest in honour of seniors of the community. There were 100 attended and 25 youth served the seniors lunch. Before the lunch was served there was a program of music and singing and also a hymn sing for everyone and also gave a prayer before the meal. It was so nice to see so many young folks taking an active part in the program. Everything was so well laid out and everyone felt like they were a part of a big loving family, which I felt we were.

So proud of Francois Lake School; talented bunch of kids

Another week sneaking up on us as it's Wednesday already. No sun yet but it's not snowing either. I feel sorry for the little birds as there is not too much to eat around here yet. I feed them every day and the deer come up onto our veranda and clean out the feeder. I guess they are hungry too.

The birds, geese and swans are back, it must be spring

Our long awaited spring I think has come at long last. The birds think so anyway. Robins are back and so are the Red winged Blackbirds and some Bluebirds

In 1901 the cost of a 32 Iver Johnson revolver was $5.90

March just about done and maybe spring has sprung, or at least some of the birds think so. The geese are flying in and busy looking for food. We have four robins around, also looking for something to eat. I would think it a bit tough to find any worms yet.

Good turn out for Burns Lake’s public health forum last week

It's Monday morning early, and such a lovely one too. Makes a person feel good to be alive.

The deer are back and looking for food in people’s yards

On March 5 there was a celebration of life at the Grassy…