Wendy Brown is running from Kitimat to Prince George in order to raise awareness over the harms of the pipeline projects in B.C.

Wendy Brown is running from Kitimat to Prince George in order to raise awareness over the harms of the pipeline projects in B.C.

Burns Laker running for awareness

Wendy Brown is running across Northern B.C. to raise awareness about the harmfulness of the various pipeline projects.

Burns Lake resident, Wendy Brown, is set to journey over 700 km in order to spread the message about the harmful affects that she believes the pipeline projects will have on the province.

Brown has planned a ‘Run for Integrity’ where she will run approximately 725 km beginning June 9, from Kitimat to Prince George, stopping in each community to speak with local residents in an order to enlighten people of the harms of the pipeline projects in B.C., as well as to unite them in the effort to prevent these projects from moving forward.

This isn’t Brown’s first run in support of this cause, she considers herself a philanthropist marathoner, and ran 325 kms last year in the Peace River district.

Brown expects this one to take around 14-16 days when all is said in done.

She expects to run around 50 km a day.

Brown took this project on after hearing people’s stories.

“It all boils down to the people that have been coming up to me and sharing their experiences, it kept blowing me away,” Brown said.

Brown hopes that by running, instead of just driving to each town, that she will send a stronger message, and get more people to support what she is saying.

Her run in Fort St. John had great support she said, and that people were responsive to her.

When she becomes aware of a situation it forces her to act.

“It really hits my heart when I get brought to where certain situations are happening, and it brings this out of me,” Brown said, “running is my passion, and will always be my passion and I have the ability to do this and believe this is what I should be doing with it.”

“Being brought to the place inspires me and the ideas come from the heart.”

This is a run that Brown has been thinking about on and off for the past year.

What really forced her into action was the harm that was being cause on not only her community, but in other communities as well.

Brown has been getting mentored by the hereditary chiefs in Smithers, and through that relationship she has been able to get more first hand experience about how this issue is affecting others across the province.

However, it hasn’t all been easy for Brown, especially since she made the public announcement at a rally in Smithers, yet through her relationships with people it has allowed her to hold onto this project.

“I’ve been given the courage and strength to really hang onto this project run, so that we can get the word and message out,” Brown said, “it is important, and people need to know.”

Brown is still looking for volunteers to help with her run.

She will need both day and night time crews to help her during the run, as well as someone that will play a publicist type role, someone who will be able to contact cities in which she is stopping and speaking in to let them know of her progress.

Those wishing to help can contact Brown through her FaceBook page.