Preparing boxes for distribution day is one of many volunteer jobs at the local food bank

Preparing boxes for distribution day is one of many volunteer jobs at the local food bank

Burns Lake’s food bank in need

Food bank continues to distribute food and helping those in need as it looks for more volunteers.

On the first and third Tuesday of each month, volunteers from the Burns Lake food bank gather to distribute boxes of food to those families in the community in need.

The food bank is operated by the Lakes District Family Enhancement Society and is run completely on a volunteer basis.

Right now there are approximately 25 volunteers, and the food bank is looking for more people to help.

Candice Little, coordinator for the food bank says that the food bank isn’t just about the distribution of food.

While the food bank distributes the food to those in need on the first and third Tuesday of every month, there are a number of other jobs that need to be done in preparation for distribution days.

In addition to the distribution of food, there is putting the boxes of food and household goods together for distribution days.

Boxing typically starts around 9 a.m. and runs until 11 a.m. when the food is distributed.

On average, the food bank boxes up and distributes 80 boxes each distribution day, last Tuesday was a slow day so the food bank only distributed 50 boxes.

Other jobs include, the repacking of food, such as flour and sugar, breaking down of cardboard, general preparation for distribution day, general clean up and shopping.

The food bank in Burns Lake operates on a gaming grant so it is able to buy its own food.

However, this means that in addition to volunteer work, it is always looking for monetary donations, along with donations of non-perishable goods and household goods.

“We need to raise awareness for the need in the community for help at the food bank,” Little said.

Little is doing two things to help recruit volunteers.

The first is she’s set up a group on Facebook, called ‘Burns Lake FoodBank Volunteers’ where she posts jobs that need attending to or dates and times when a group of volunteers can meet to prep for distribution day.

Little hopes by doing this she’ll be able to keep the food bank in the front of people’s thoughts.

The second thing is Little hopes to start a program in conjunction with the high school where students can receive hours towards their volunteer work for their graduation.

“The current volunteers have already built an incredible foundation to take it where it is today,” Little said, “We just need to continue to build on that.”

Along with the Facebook group, those wishing to volunteer can reach Little at 250-695-6630 to volunteer their services.