(L-R) - Fred Gruen

(L-R) - Fred Gruen

Get to know the Burns Lake & District rebroadcasting society

June 23, 2015 saw the AGM and the election of the 2015/16 board of directors of the Burns Lake & District Rebroadcasting Society.

On June 23, 2015 saw the annual general meeting and the election of the 2015/16 board of directors of the Burns Lake & District Rebroadcasting Society.

Rebroadcasting services is a non-profit society that manage these has been in operation for Burns Lake and rural areas since 1972.  The society is based on a constitution and is comprised of five directors and members from the community.  In the early days only television was available. Radio was added later. Currently there are area residents who would have no radio or television without the rebroadcasting services.

The rebroadcasting services are funded through the tax system in the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako and the Village of Burns Lake. It is estimated that the cost per tax payer is about $5 per year. The services managed by the Society are located at the Boer Mountain tower near Burns Lake and the Verdun Mountain tower on the south side of Francois Lake.

Rebroadcasting services and a society are an important part of the infrastructure of the Burns Lake and district community as they are in the neighbouring communities of Fort St. James, Fraser Lake, Houston and Smithers.

The services managed by the society may be unknown to many Burns Lake and district residents who listen to radio and watch television without realizing where the signals come from. Since 1972 there are been many changes and developments in rebroadcasting but much of this work has been done behind the scenes.

The society is at a time of change and renewal.  Equipment will be updated, technology upgraded, towers modernized, an aged constitution rewritten, a web site developed, additional channels and stations added to the existing offerings.

The society itself is also working to strengthen structure and process and would like input from community members as it moves forward.

Residents who want to share ideas and suggestions or learn more about the society are invited to attend public meetings. These are advertised in the local media and will normally take place at the Francois Lake School.

Residents can also communicate with the society by using the following email address  bldrsoc@gmail.com