Lakes District local, Jeff Scott makes every day count

Decker Lake local, Jeff Scott is on the road to recovery after suffering a life changing spinal cord injury while snowboarding in Revelstoke last year.

Live it

Live it

Decker Lake local, Jeff Scott is on the road to recovery after suffering a life changing spinal cord injury while snowboarding in Revelstoke last year.

Following the April 11, 2010, accident, became a quadriplegic.

He now resides in Vancouver and has spent the last year and a half recovering from a fractured and dislocated C5 vertebrae and spent about six months in the G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Unit in Vancouver. “My recovery has been good …. slowly but surely … it has been a year and a half now and things are staring to settle down and become more comfortable,” he said.

Remarkably Scott is now working to help others in a similar situation.

He has started the ‘Live it Love it Foundation, that works to help those with a disability participate in adaptive adventure activities.

According to Scott, adaptive adventure is all about adapting, altering or creating the equipment and infrastructure necessary for those with disabilities to participate in a full range outdoor activities like bungee jumping, dogsledding, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, paragliding or skateboarding.

Scott says that living with disability cannot only be challenging, but it’s often costly and overwhelming.

He says that participating in sport, recreation and outdoor activities after a life altering injury, like his own, is often too expensive and too difficult to be a priority. Because engaging in sports and connecting to the outdoors provides therapeutic benefits that make a big difference in recovery, Scott feels these activities should be easier for those with a disability to access. “This is what lead to the Live it Love it Foundation,” he said.

“It is all about showing people adventure and helping them embrace the struggle of spinal cord injuries.”

Scott launched the Live it Love it Foundation on Valentine’s Day this year and has since helped many people live life through adventure.

The Live it Love it Foundation connects with a variety of organizations and resources to access special equipment, instruction and necessary support.

“The costs are astronomical for people to get out and participate in these kinds of activities. It’s also about accessibility.”

He said he is currently working to make cross country trails in Revelstoke a more accessible out door area.

The Live it Love it Foundation funds adventures for people with physical disabilities who display a passion for the outdoors. They also award grants to those who need financial aid in order to pursue their own adventure goals.

On Aug. 25, 2011 the foundation got together with 12 young people for an adventure camp in Whistler. They had all sustained a spinal cord injury within the last three years and participated in activities like bungee jumping, kayaking and rock climbing.

“This was more of an adrenaline camp,” Scott said, adding that the foundation is also looking to diversify the camps and mix in some spiritual healing.

“Camps will be a retreat to go to, to help people along with their recovery.”

Scott has designed limited edition ‘freewheel’ T-Shirts for the foundation. By purchasing a T-Shirt locals are able to help the Live it Love it Foundation fund camps and make more adventure come true.

To learn more about the foundation, or to help by donating funds or purchasing a T-Shirt go to