Science fair fun and informative.

Science fair fun and informative.

Science fair fun and informative

Students from Grade 4 to 7 participated at Decker Lake School.

Students from Grade 4 to 7 participated at Decker Lake School. Ten of these projects went on to the District Science Fair. Winners: Grade 4 Demonstration 1. Kaiden Bell, 2. Dylan McKee and Dylan Ruffell. Grade 4 Experiment 1. Ed Perry and Brandan Cunningham, 2. tie: Megan Harder and Jadyn Varga; Haley Dell, 3. Cooper Thom-Lucy and Liam Toews. Grade 5 Experiment 1. Kyra Oldfield, 2. Maggie Davis and Lela Thiessen, 3. Megan Cook and Christina Matte. Grade 6 Demonstration 1. JoJo Tom and Ciara Sampson. Grade 6 Experiment 1. Shael Narayan, 2. Tate Cooke, 3. tie: Emily Wipfli and Summer Lucas; Gabe Finch and Bryce Cardinal. Grade 7 Demonstration 1.       Jesse deHoog and Gavin Palmer. Grade 7 Experiment 1. Kaedan Harrington and Tye Clovis, 2. Jacqueline Matte, 3. tie: Mollie McAdam and Zoey Thom-Lucy; Lee Doering and Jayden Oldfield.

District Science Fair 2016 Final Awards – Non-experimental category: (not moving on to Prince George)

Grade 4: 1. Abby Koenmstedt & Callie Geisbrecht, Project Name Edible Crystals, school Sinkut View. Grade 5: 1. Kora Manwaring, Nightwatch the Racing Pigeon, W.L. Mcleod. Experimental category: moving on to CISE in Prince George. Grade 4: 1. Mackenzie Martens, Soaking Nails in Vinegar, Mapes, 2. Jemma Blattner, Bristle Bots,  W.L. McLeod, 3. Julia Grace & Jadlyn, Rakochy, Eggtasitc Eggsperiment, Francois Lake. Grade 5: 1. Jadlyn Pedersen & Niki Mackinaly, Fresh & Toothy, W.L. McLeod, 2. Joey Chalmers, Fodder for Forage, Francois Lake. 3. Kyra Oldfield, Paper Towel face-off, Decker Lake, Honourable Mention Dominic Lepoidevin & Eryck Dyck, Lemon Battery, W.L. McLeod. Grade 6: 1. Ronan Blattner, Secrets of the Gauss Gun, W.L. McLeod. 2. Sydney Van Tine, Mold on the Menu, Francois Lake, 3. Hannah Zayak, Heat Your feet, Francois Lake, Honourable Mention Willa Crowley, Scent Preferences & Activity of Carnivores in Winter, Ebus & Jacqueline Matte,Chicken Call, Decker Lake. Grade 7: 1. Garrett Radley &Kyle Nealis, Water vs. Plants, William Konkin, 2. Alistair Garrett, To Warm or Not to Warm, Francois Lake, 3. Rory Crighton & Michael Chalmers. Grade 8: 1. Myer Illes, Grey Water, Green Plants, Ebus, 2. Allen Stultz, Video Games and Heart Rate, Babine, 3. Ayianna Johnson & Morgan Abraham, Which Type of Potato Chip is Most Greasy?, Babine. Secondary: 1. Elizabeth Shultz, It’s Not Black and White, FLESS.