Excited for hockey coming to town

As the Lakes District News has reported on several occasions, a Junior A hockey team from the Greater Metro Hockey League West will be established in Burns Lake this fall. Personally, I think it a fantastic decision.

I may be biased because I’m a huge sports fan, but I’ve always felt since moving to the area that the availability of competitive sports for spectating was sorely lacking in both Houston and Burns Lake. It’s going to be beneficial in a variety of ways.

For one, there will definitely be a boost to the local economy. On game nights, when people come into town, chances are they’re going to want to go to dinner or for a drink at The Office Pub and Grill or Pub N’ Tandoori Grill. It will bring people from nearby towns when other teams come to Burns Lake as well, who will be staying at hotels, eating at restaurants, you get the picture.

Having a competitive team would drum up business in a lot of different ways.

There’s also the piece of how it will improve services to the Lakeside Multiplex. More opportunities to sell concessions and even team paraphernalia like jerseys, hats and shirts, could mean more money for new programs or creating more jobs at the multiplex.

In addition, it will give the community something to get behind and connect over. Having a local sports team to follow is great water cooler type of stuff. It’s the kind of thing you can chat with your colleagues about on breaks. It’s also a great way to continue to get the younger generation into hockey which should only help registration numbers for the Burns Lake minor hockey team.

To me, this seems like a total win-win.

This all isn’t to say they should turn Burns Lake into an entertainment hub mind you. I agree with the testament that bringing in too much stuff to town could jeopardize what makes this place special; that it isn’t like a big city.

Still, another entertainment option on weekends should be a welcome sight and I think it will strengthen the bond of the community, and generate some tourism dollars as well for local businesses.

This is hockey country out in Northern B.C., it’s only fitting that there’s a local hockey team for everyone to enjoy.

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Eddie Huband
Multimedia Reporter
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