Theatre unveils digital projector fundraiser

The Lakes District Film Society is offering local residents the opportunity to adopt seats in the Beacon Theatre as part of a major fundraising campaign.

A spokesman for the Lakes District Film Society, the non-profit organization that purchased the Beacon Theatre in August 2010, confirmed today that it hopes to raise $30,000 in the next three months to pay off an outstanding debt.

“The digital projector we bought in January cost our society $104,000,” said film society president Michael Riis-Christianson.

“The purchase has enabled us to offer local residents a big city theatre experience at an affordable price, but we had to borrow $30,000 to do it. If we want to continue offering the latest Hollywood releases and 3D films, we need to pay off that debt within the next six months,” he added.

In addition to corporate donations, the society hopes 155 local residents will contribute $100 each to adopt a seat in the Beacon Theatre. Every individual who participates in campaign will have his name inscribed on a permanent plaque affixed to the seat of his choice.

To further encourage participation, every resident who adopts a seat between now and March 31, 2011 will have his name entered to win a one-year unlimited pass to the Beacon Theatre.

“The lucky winner will be able to attend every movie at the Beacon Theatre for a year compliments of the Lakes District Film Society,” noted Riis-Christianson.

“We plan on showing about 160 films this year, so that’s a $1,400 value. And best of all, anyone who makes his contribution payable to the ‘Village of Burns Lake, Lakes District Film Society projector campaign’ will receive a charitable receipt for income tax purposes.”

Complete details of the campaign are available in the Lakes District News and on the society’s website,

Individuals can drop their contributions off at either the Burns Lake Public Library, Process 4 circle arts Gallery or the Village of Burns Lake.

“Community support for the Beacon Theatre has been tremendous so far, so we’re hoping local residents and businesses will help us reach our target,” Riis-Christianson concluded. “I know I’ve already picked out my seat, which means there are only 154 left.”