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A message about vaccine mandates



This past week hundreds of thousands of people have peacefully walked away from their jobs and stood in solidarity against vaccine mandates and world governments.

I think they still believe they can stomp all over our constitution and the God given rights of the men and women of Canada and the world. I believe this is coming from Bill Gates, Klaus Swab and the rest of the gang at the World Economic Forum.

Corporal Daniel Bulford of the RCMP and 37,000 supporters have signed an open letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki against the unlawful mandates of the WHO, CDC, Justin Trudeau, Dr. Bonnie Henry and the rest of the team.

I feel they have conveniently forgotten about our constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that say it is unlawful to mandate masks and gene therapy injections without proper information and consent.

If the good people of Burns Lake do not know what their rights are, it’s time to learn and stop believing everything the fear-spewing bully team is telling you. It is time to stand together against tyranny.

Please join the fight to save our country, our lives and especially our children.

Colleen Simmons