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Burns Lake woman fed up with Justin Trudeau



Open letter to Justin Trudeau

Dear sir,

I read your comment that you said that people who don’t get vaccinated against COVID-19 are often “racist and misogynistic extremists”. Are you kidding me?

Being pro-constitution and pro-choice does not make anyone a misogynist or an extremist.

It makes me a Canadian - a God-loving free democratic person that loves their country. After that ignorant statement it proves you are not.

What have misogyny and experimental gene therapy drugs got to do with one another? You, Justin Trudeau, are the misogynist. You are exactly what you and your fear-spewing bully team are calling the rest of us God-loving, constitutional Canadians.

I do not think any informed Canadian would give consent for themselves, their loved ones and especially their children for an experimental gene therapy death jab. No God loving humanitarian would push Josef Mengele-style science.

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxine Bernier was right when your comments prompted him to call you a fascist psychopath. You are unworthy to be our PM. In your heart you are not a Canadian. You are as you called us - an extremist an extreme danger to our humanity, country and Christian values. You need to be arrested and charged with conspiring in crimes against humanity.

Your administration’s unlawful enforcement of this experimental gene therapy jab goes against the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms in all their meaning.

It’s time you and all of the others who are too numerous to be mentioned in this letter that are involved with this depopulation event go to jail for your participation in and also benefiting from these crimes.

There is no more argument. I think these jabs are death, they are not for health. The evidence I have found has proven that beyond a doubt.

Colleen Simmons