Don’t like dirty politics


I want to explain my situation on this present election process.

I was nominated in as chief position and council position. So I phoned up the election officer and state my position as council and the election officer gave me instruction to decline on chief and accept council position for Fort Babine.

So signed proper election forms and signed it and did this while election officer on the phone and he ask me to take picture of the signed forms and sent it to him. And up to date im still on chief position. I tried numerous times to contact the election officer but number always busy so I resent my picture forms twice and I also sent email to the election officer explaining the situation before it’s too late and so it stands my position as chief in this election so I quit trying as it too late to make changes.

And now because my position as chief. In facebook I’m labled as rapist by someone in Lake Babine Nation and I want to make it known I’ ve been sober for 28 years and have no criminal record. I’m clean and sober. This dirty politics has came to view to dirty my name.

I will prove that I have no criminal record and bring this to court of law and I promise my charges gonna hit home to where it came from.

Thank you, have a good day.

Fred William