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Emergency Response affecting Burns Lake Search and Rescue’s operations


Burns Lake Search and Rescue (BLSAR) recently presented their concerns about recent provincial legislation changes in regard to Emergency Response affecting our organization to the mayor and council for the Village of Burns Lake. That presentation was reported on in the Jan. 31 edition of Lakes District News.

Since then there have been several steps in a more positive direction for the group. BC Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) hosted a town-hall meeting for all SAR Groups in B.C. in conjunction with Minister Ma, Assistant Deputy Minister Maley and SAR Specialist Allan Mole from EMCR.

During this meeting it became apparent that the concerns from the 78 Search and Rescue Groups were heard loud and clear by the Province and they intend to work with BCSARA moving forward to ‘right the wrongs” so to speak which were rolled out with the new Emergency and Disaster Management Act. Including removing the requirement to re-register as Public Safety Providers on a continual basis, looking for ways to help streamline paperwork and moving along with the process to review the training moratorium.

BLSAR appreciates everyone’s support and BCSARA for continuing to be a voice at the table for groups across the province. The number of volunteer hours everyone puts in does not go unnoticed.


Nicole Gerow — Burns Lake Search and Rescue — President

About the Author: Saddman Zaman

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