Not an adequate response from Northern Health


The effects of last year’s breach of confidentiality in which a Northern Health employee gained access to multiple client files and was subsequently fired are still being felt.

I know this because I consoled a community member last week who felt further trauma when while shopping, she encountered that former Northern Health employee.

The community member said she found herself anxious and avoided contact with the former employee. While talking about the encounter her voice was shaking and tears came to her eyes. Her emotional response came from a feeling of being personally violated and also from the lack of accountability on the part of Northern Health or from the former employee.

It does not appear that there has been an adequate response from Northern Health and it doesn’t appear there as been an apology from the former employee.

The community member also told me she’s heard this former employee is downplaying what has occurred and that others are excusing her actions.

To this former employee I say this – you are not taking accountability. Staring at others while shopping further shows your lack of responsibility.

You abused your access to very sensitive information, have shared that information with others and abused your professional power regarding some of the more vulnerable people in our community.

What was done was really hurtful, damaging and serious. To not take responsibility and to do what needs to be done to make it right only makes things worse.

If you can’t do that then at the very least remain scarce and keep your distance. As time goes on I hope that people will feel brave and strong enough to confront you rather than hold shame, feel anxious or upset at seeing you in community.

To those affected, take your power back. It’s not your fault. Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes.

Tara Lazenby