Trail should be for everyone

Editor: I am 70 years old. I was born & raised in…

  • Jun 6, 2018

Village and LDM: keep up the good work

Letter-writer expressed gratitude for winter road maintenance

  • Jun 6, 2018

Saving the stories of veterans

Author from Nova Scotia writes about his Burns Lake connection

  • May 27, 2018
WATCH: Soulful sounds of Krystle Dos Santos
WATCH: Krystle Dos Santos performs in Burns Lake
WATCH: Bike parade
WATCH: At the start once again

College of New Caledonia needs to commit

Letter-writer calls for change at local college campus

  • May 27, 2018

Letter — Potential for pollution at Tchesinkut Lake

Tchesinkut Watershed Protection Society pens open letter to RDBN chair

  • May 22, 2018

Letter — Successful 4-H event

Topics included beekeeping and meat rabbits on Mars

  • May 22, 2018

Letter — Praise for Burns Lake hospital

American letter-writer sees strength in Canadian health care

  • May 16, 2018

Letter — Southsiders persistent in fight for ferry

Campaigner responds to report that government is “not considering” extended ferry service

  • May 12, 2018

LETTER: Old-style politics is easier to cover

B.C.’s current party system offers more conflict, fewer solutions

B.C. Grade 8 student pens letter to premier on residential schools

Terrace teen writes current school curriculum underplays past violations of basic human rights

  • May 2, 2018

Letter — Eighth Avenue needs overhaul

A reader replies to the article “Filling in the cracks on Eighth Avenue”

  • Apr 28, 2018

Letter — Trades offer great pay and bright future

The Editor, Wanted: Skilled tradespeople. Must enjoy great wages, rewarding work, and…

  • Apr 5, 2018

Letter — Gas hike a cash grab: Tory MP

Dear Editor, All across this province, soaring gas prices have British Columbians…

  • Apr 5, 2018

Letter — Who pays for journalism? One way or another ― you

“I don’t need farmers; I get my food from the grocery store.”…

  • Apr 4, 2018

Letter — No to logging on Boer Mountain

Editor: I was recently asked to speak to the Burns Lake Mountain…

Equality, Indigenous equality

Letter from chiefs applauds efforts being made with federal budget

  • Mar 26, 2018

Letter — Good job village crews

A tip of the hat to the village work’s crew for the…

  • Mar 21, 2018

Letter — Beware moose and deer collisions

In the past five weeks we have witnessed the loss of two…

  • Mar 21, 2018

Letter — Terminate Site C

Re: Tom Fletcher column — BC Hydro rate freeze refused The Minister…

  • Mar 21, 2018

LETTERS: Two views of oil pipeline protests

U.S. and other petroleum-rich countries aren’t cutting production