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Quesnel resident concerned over Fraser Lake sawmill closure


To Premier David Eby and Minister of Forests Bruce Ralston,

I wanted to congratulate our NDP Government, you are well on the way to achieving one of your major goals, destroying an industry that has provided prosperity to B.C. for many years.

Fraser Lake Sawmill will be closing due to not having enough timber to maintain manufacturing. 175 direct workers will loose their jobs, the community will loose a major portion of their tax base. AND the province will loose out on the taxes they receive from stumpage, property, income and corporate.

Some people will say, well its only 175 people, I dare you to say that on the streets of Fraser Lake, with a population of 965 people living in 444 dwelling units according to 2021 Statscan.

The local first nations will also be negatively affected. Fraser Lake is the latest of many mills and jobs lost directly because of the NDP’s policies.

Why are we in this position? The NDP government in the 80’s totally mismanaged the pine beetle infestation, kept their heads in the ground so they couldn’t hear or see. They ignored the many presentations asking for action. BC Liberals you didn’t do much better.

In the last few years a huge area has been taken out of the working forest. Oh yes we will have wonderful old growth, decaying protected areas, not carbon consuming new forests. A few of us might enjoy these protected area’s if we can afford to. But the NDP doesn’t care, they will satisfy the single minded environmentalists and indigenous peoples in B.C., and to hell with those working in good paying jobs and paying the taxes.

Full disclosure, I worked in the forest industry (directly and indirectly) since 1965. Since retiring ten years ago I enjoy a very good forest industry pension. Unfortunately, unless there are major policy changes, future generations will not be as fortunate.


Brian J. Northup - Quesnel

About the Author: Saddman Zaman

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