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Questions that need truthful answers



The truth is an important element in a free and open society. With the implementation of vaccine passports, suppression of personal choice and the federal election around the corner, truthful answers to these and other questions addressed to our leaders is especially important.

1) Considering the devastating effects of lockdowns, isolation, layoffs, why would we not consider approaches presented to us by other expert emergency personnel?

2) Are the percentages of error in Covid testing 30-60% true? If so, would not the figures we hear be totally irrelevant?

3) How is it determined that people die with covid (have covid but it is not the cause of death) or from covid (they have covid and it is the cause of death)? If this is not accurately determined, would not the numbers again be irrelevant and meaningless.

4) If taking the vaccine is truly producing immunity, would those who take it not be safe from getting the virus and thus no longer vulnerable to the disease? Why is Israel, a country touted for its quick vaccination rollout now vaccinating with a third booster shot? Does this not tell us that the vaccination program has some serious flaws from the beginning?

5) What has happened to Dr. Charles Hoffe from our local town of Lytton BC? After reporting some serious side effects among his patients who were vaccinated, why was he silenced, censored and his hospital privileges taken away?

6) How can long term effects of a vaccine be determined without going the long term? Could the haste in implementing these vaccines be why we are having reports of the above-mentioned problems?

7) If other proven, safe and effective medications were implemented rather than ignored, would they not save lives and greatly alleviate ER and hospital overcrowding? Why can our doctors not prescribe these drugs and why are they hesitant to even talk about them?

Before you “call the police”, as our Premier has recommended when one is questioning about “vaccine passports” - transparent, truthful, clear and direct answers to these and many other questions are required - or we will find ourselves in a dark authoritarian police state where truth is suppressed, where freedom and liberty will be only a distant memory!

A vote for truth is a vote for freedom.

Jesus said “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32 NLT

Ken Penner