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Rainbow crosswalk is crucial for community



I am writing today to show my absolute, whole-hearted support for the rainbow crosswalk. The symbology of the crosswalk is a crucial message for our small community.

A crosswalk’s purpose is to increase safety through visibility.

For some, the rainbow will add a pop of colour. For others, the rainbow will say: we see you; you’re safe here.

To see our youth at the forefront of this proposal shows incredible strength and progress. It also shows an immense amount of courage to put yourself out there in a place where everyone knows everyone. Unfortunately, having grown up here, I am not surprised at some responses, but still hold hope for others to step up and to not give merit to hate.

The crosswalk is the right thing to do.

The crosswalk is absolutely needed.

However, this is only the first step in many that our community needs to do to become more inclusive and safe.

I am incredibly proud of the youth advisory committee for bringing this forward. Now, let’s make them proud of us and show some growth and reflection.

Melissa Davies