RV pull-in area was built to encourage tourists to stop in Burns Lake


I have to call you on your letter Walt. I remember well when that RV pull-in area was built to encourage not just RV’s but tourists in general to stop, walk around, grab a bite or visit the shops and generate money for businesses. Also since they shut this activity down I have seen motorhomes and campers stopping and having their meals at the tables provided. No tourist is going to stop and use this RV area when these protests are happening and that is lost revenue for the town. Use this area for what it was designed for, it was never supposed to be a speakers corner. We all paid for this area with our taxpayers money so use it for what was intended for. To end Walt, it sounds like you have an axe to grind with the government but I don’t agree with using this taxpayers area to vent on the government or anyone else.


Des Willson

Burns Lake Taxpayer