Slow down to a putt putt please

Slow down to a putt putt please


Every year in our beautiful Lakes District we have the annual freeze and thaw of most of the lakes in our region.

I’ve gotten to know many of them well, along with most of their freezing and thawing patterns. Of all of the lakes in the area, the patterns of Burns Lake I am most familiar. The main reason being I’ve lived on it for close to 30 years.

The freeze, like clockwork usually happens very close to Dec. 1…sometimes a bit before or a bit after, but usually skating by Christmas. The thaw is usually six months from freeze-up, May 1, like clockwork…a few times which up until this year has been getting earlier. Run off causes the ice to melt from underneath and the sun from above.

The wind also plays a factor, especially if the water is high like it is now. It moves the ice and can be quite a powerful force. It has ripped many docks from their anchor sending them adrift. After the ice is gone there is still several weeks where the water remains quite high.

We all need to take a bit of extra caution when boating in and around these lakes. Many homes and cabins can be damaged or docks torn away from unnecessary wave action caused by boating. Waterfowl are nesting in the reeds and grassy areas of the lake…they prefer high water as it keeps many predators at bay…high water wave action washes the eggs or nestlings out of their downy homes into the drink. Getting the boat in the water is an exciting and invigorating time of the year.

Let’s all try and do our part and slow down to a putt putt in these waterfowl habitats and close to the lake homes. I appreciate it and I’m sure the loons, grebes, ducks,geese, bitterns, pipers, to name a few also appreciate it.

Happy Boating everyone. Stay safe and tight lines.

Sam Moroksi