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Southside resident concerned over unethical animal breeding



I need to address a very overwhelming situation that is happening, not just in the Lakes District, but all over the province. The unethical breeding selling, and abuse of animals.

I am a Southsider, and an animal advocate, I step up and take in all kinds of animals from various situations, and I’m getting awfully tired of being dispatched to go and pick up puppies, where the owners allow their dogs to breed constantly, with whatever stud or bitch are around, adding to the already existing population of unwanted dogs/cats etc. shelters are full, SPCA is full, foster homes are full.

It only would take their time to take said animal or animals to the vet, all will be done… free. But nope. Let’s just let nature run its course and expect everyone else to pick up after them.

I currently have puppies in my possession that came from a horrible situation. The mother dogs are allowed to breed as soon as they are in heat, which is making for multiple litters a year per female. The puppies are not being re-homed, sold etc. they are not being cared for.

Fed just enough to stay alive, not being trained or taught, forcing them to live outside in unfavourable conditions, -42 degrees Celsius with the windchill, being abused and beaten, not given vet care, allowing dogs and puppies to run amok, getting into garbage as they are literally starving. Becoming a nuisance and problem to others living in the area rural, so they are travelling.

With all the help that is out there, people like me shouldn’t have to be cleaning up after everyone else. The SPCA won’t do anything stating “ food water and shelter are on site, and there are no laws governing the breeding and selling of animals in B.C., it is out of our hands” what is one supposed to do?


Kim Saffel

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