The only good bear is a dead bear

heide Schuetz letter


My name is Heide Schuetz and I came to B.C. 33 years ago….20 years I was working in different hunting camps in the Yukon and in the Northern Rockys , deep, deep in the wilderness and know what it feels like to meet a bear, black or grizzly alone in the wild.

Not always a wonderful, heartwarming feeling.

I want to say I appreicate the conservation officer Mr. Jeff Palm, from the bottom of my heart, that he did the right thing at the right time to capture this mama bear and caught the three young ones. Please keep it up and catch what needs to be caught. Great job!

The only good bear is a dead bear………….is a very interesting book written by Jeanette Prodgers and the book about bears from Stephen Herrero will tell all these “heartsick and suffering poor people” what it really means to life too close to a bear.

Welcome to the North, yes Mr. Palm, and even so we know that the bears where here first but they don’t belong in town or close to houses or gardens or playgrounds, we humans need to take them as they are and not make them to sweet, little, cuddly teddy bears, that’s not right and very dangerious, for both, human and bears.

Behind the East Tchesinkut Road there is lots of wilderness left, all along the lake and up to 7 Mile Road, no bear needs to rumble around the houses and maybe be even fed from the “good hearted” people. Just leave them be, they are wild animals and belong into the wild !

And think about it………..this mama bear teaches her young ones all the little tricks to live among people, next year there are four bears to make trouble and in three years there might be eight of them because the bears are smart and learn fast one from the other, is this what we want?

Conservation officers like Mr. Palm are the ones who learned their Job and all the laws and know exactly what they have to do……… can we question what gives them the right to do what they are doing ?

We should be grateful that we have them around to keep us save and our children and grandchildren and take good care of the young deers and moose and calves and goats and sheeps also, because they all are a delicious meal for a bear.

Heide Schuetz