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The positive eye



I think the ability to laugh at one’s self goes a long way in assessing a person’s character.

People who take themselves too seriously, who are easily offended, are not able to contribute to a happy and peaceful environment, and when exposed or criticized in any way they resort to anger and accusations, or even threats.

Maybe these people, underneath, are the most insecure of all. So maybe this is a criteria for judging someone we want as a person of authority, or even a wife or husband. Of course, unless a person has a psychological need for that kind of relationship.

So don’t take yourself so seriously. Laugh at yourself, and no,it’s not a sign of weakness.

I do laugh at myself, and in my case, I’m rather a weak person, which gives me something else to think about.

Such as a person may be weak in the eyes of man, but strong in the eyes of God. A person may be afraid to offend someone for fear of retaliation, or rather, for fear of offending the love of God.

Victor Yancovitch