What is going on with Highway #35?


What is going on with Highway #35 just south of Burns Lake? First off it’s not LDM’s fault it has not been fixed it’s not their contract.

The Ministry of Highways first gets a geologist to make an assessment of the reason for the slough. Thirteen pages of reasons for the slough – conclusion the foundation has slipped causing the road to sag and needs to be fixed.

They have environmental report – conclusion no environmental damage. Nine pages the foundation failure caused the road to slough and it should be fixed.

The Ministry of Highways advertise for a contractor to do the work whenever the ministry decides to do so.

Before the highway maintenance contracts were let out to the highways maintenance worked directly under the the Ministry of Highways and went something like this… the district CEO highways manager decides how to fix it, they told him any 16-year-old can tell you what happened and can tell you the reason for the slough. It is because the frost and moisture have made the foundation slick as a cow pie and has sloughed. The district decides to patch the road and see if the foundation stabilizes. The office staff figures out the cost and doubles the figure and presented to the regional director. (If you don’t cost them money they don’t remember your name). He said do it as soon as you can before the load of logs is sitting in that adjacent house. Speculation.

Hugh W. Bohmer