The 4-H Lakes District has had a very successful year again in 2016

The 4-H Lakes District has had a very successful year again in 2016

4-H Lakes District year in review

The 4-H Lakes District has had a very successful year again in 2016

The 4-H Lakes District has had a very successful year again in 2016 because of all the members, parents, volunteers, sponsors, supporters and leaders. 4-H truly involves a community.

The year started out with the Southside winter carnival on Feb. 8 at Takysie Lake Resort. The community came out and had a great day in the sun and snow. Some highlights from the day were the ‘onesie fashion show’ and ‘snowshoe volleyball.’

The annual district communications event was March 19 at Grassy Plains School. Many members participated in public speaking, demonstrations, educational display, and speak and show. Some member topics included ‘how to be a quarterback,’ ‘how to make cupcakes,’ ‘archery,’ and ‘why I love basketball.’

The annual 4-H fundraiser dinner in the Lakes District was a big success. It was held at Grassy Plains hall in May. We were all well fed with roast beef dinner. After the meal, the district auctioned off baked goods; the proceeds going to support activities and awards in the Lakes District.

In June, we hosted the Lakes District Family Day on the Grassy Plains Hall grounds. The day included activities to learn about lassoing, dog obedience, knot tying, 4-H provincial programs, 4-H awards, communications, and a day long session for the Cloverbud members.

The 4-H members were asked to invite a friend who they thought would be interested in learning more about 4-H. The weather was wonderful and the hall grounds were perfect for a successful day.

The Southside 4-H Club participated in the Canada Day celebration in Spirit Square in Burns Lake. Members sold baked goods and enjoyed the activities of the day and sharing their 4-H experience with the community. The members are really hoping to participating in the parade again next year.

Members from the Southside 4-H Club participated in a work-bee in August at the Eagle Creek Recreational Grounds in preparation for the Fall Fair. Their main activity of the day was painting to spruce up some buildings.

Dress Revue is the showmanship class for clothing members. They had the opportunity to show the audience and judges what they had created and what skills they had learned during the project year. This was hosted on Friday night of the Fall Fair at the children’s festival stage. Saturday of the Fall Fair, the remaining showmanship and market classes were held.

The first-third placing results were as follows:

Junior sheep showmanship: 1st Katrina Lambert, 2nd Logan Lambert, 3rd Taylor Lutick. Sheep market: 1st Katrina Lambert, 2nd Ali Lutick, 3rd Taylor Lutick. Yearling ewe: 1st Logan Lambert. Ewe with lamb: 1st Mercedes Raphael-Quaw. Junior swine showmanship: 1st Anna Hoffos, 2nd Billy Hoffos. Senior swine showmanship: 1st Colton Lambert, 2nd Ethan McEntee and 3rd Heidi Hoffos. Swine market: 1st Anna Hoffos, 2nd Heidi Hoffos, 3rd Colton Lambert. Breeding gilt (swine): 1st Colton Lambert, 2nd Ethan McEntee. Junior small engine showmanship: 1st Logan Lambert, 2nd Taylor MacDonald. Senior small engine showmanship: 1st Jean Hopegood, 2nd Garrett Lambert. Small engine overall engine: 1st Garrett Lambert, 2nd Jean Hopegood, 3rd Logan Lambert. Clothing overall: 1st Mercedes Raphael-Quaw, 2nd Marie-Rose Hopegood. Dress revue: 1st Marie-Rose Hopegood, 2nd Mercedes Raphael-Quaw.

The annual Lakes District 4-H Auction was hosted that evening in the small animal ring. The auction was very successful with buyers going home with sheep, swine, windsocks, and various engines. The community and surrounding communities play a huge part in the success of this event by coming out and supporting the 4-H members by either bidding on and/or purchasing 4-H projects.

The 4-H district also sold a scholarship swine with all the proceeds going to support the newly established 4-H Lakes District Scholarship for 4-H members here in our area.

The year summed up with a 4-H Awards night and dinner. This was a semi-formal event in which members receive their certificates for achievement, senior skills, badges, and or other awards related to record books, communications, or judging rallies. They also had trivia with prizes available for the audience to earn.

The 2017 year is looking promising, with members in beef, swine, sheep, cloverbud, clothing, and small engine in the Southside 4-H Club. There is also the possibility of members in the Burns Lake area being able to join a new club located in town and/or Francois Lake area.

For more information about 4-H please call the district key leader, Margaret, at 250-694-3566.