A special day at my house: my grandson’s wedding

August 28 was a very special day in the Neave household with the holy union in marriage of Amy Watt and Edward Neave.

August 28 was a very special day in the Neave household with the holy union in marriage of Amy Watt and Edward Neave.

Mrs. Lobermayer conducted the wedding ceremony. The wedding service was very moving for us all to see this young couple starting out a new life together.

The trellis was made by Conrad Feldmann and it was beautiful and the lovely flowers that decorated it were out of this world. The trellis was made special for this occasion.

The service and the dinner was held in the lawn of Hugh’s home. The lawn and the house was just loaded with so many decorations and so many lovely flowers.

There was a 30 foot tarp held up in case of rain. The weather did cooperate for all the celebrating which was a plus.

Almost at the close it did rain a bit but everyone was dry and comfortable. Tables were all set under the tarp and loaded with a cold plate lunch and no one went away hungry. The wedding party all went to the Nicholson Bay picnic grounds for pictures. Kim Wiebe was the photographer.

There was a number of out of town guests including Amy’s mother and father, Chris, Bruce and brother Ryan from Penticton. Family from Penticton and Summerland, Kelowna and Kamloops. Bridesmaids from Vancouver. Maid of honour Kari Anne Neave, Best man Seth Hunter. It all was very special for me as our home was the centre of it all. Not only an honour but such a pleasure besides. Homes are made to be used and enjoyed that’s what it’s all about. How proud I was to be part of it.

This month seems to be moving along and we are already well into it. By the time my news gets in next week the fall fair, the schools will be open and the big Ootsa Lake fishing derby, they will all be finished but not forgotten, I hope. This has been a busy month. All the ranchers are really pushing it too. We have had a few days with no rain.

So very nice

I wish to thank the Cheslatta Carrier Nation, they brought me a nice big load of dry wood. Thank you all so much as it was just great and very much appreciated, again thanks very much.


Last week three cattle liners came from across the lake. No doubt lots of our local ranchers will have to cut down on their herds due to the wet weather. Lots of hay but the weather has been just too wet. It seems one year is just too dry and nice hot weather and a poor hay crop and the next year a very heavy hay crop and it’s just too wet. As one old boy said ‘you can’t win for losing.’

Road trip

Last week my daughter Marie drove me to Terrace to get prepared for an eye operation coming up next week. Lots to go through before the operation. One thing we both noticed was how prosperous and how busy Houston, Smithers and Terrace are. One thing that’s a shot in the arm for Houston is the huge new building that’s the new Sullivan garage and sales building. This will really help the Houston economy.

Just from the highway it looks gorgeous. I will have to stop by next time and congratulate them on such a boost to Houston.

At one time, now some years ago, Burns Lake had three car dealerships and now they don’t have one. This gives you something to think on. I ask the question what’s happened to Burns Lake?

Fishing Derby

I was fortunate enough to get a report on the Tweedsmuir Rec. Comm. fish derby. By hearsay there were 144 hands.

As I must say this fishing derby was even better than ever. There was also some very expensive prizes to lucky people.

The winners of the biggest fish were both local folks so it kept the money in the Lakes District. There sure must have been a large crowd by the number of boats, campers and trailers that crossed on the afternoon ferries.

A number of us watched the boats, motor homes go by and some of these boats were what a person would call super diluvial for want of a better word. There were not all local boats that took part in the derby.

Thank heavens the lake remained fairly calm. I would guess the Ootsa Lake fishing derby is the largest in the country.

Back to school

Last week while watching TV there was a man interviewing a lady who was buying clothes and misc. things for her family.

I just could not believe the total cost for her school kids. These were no doubt high school students. She was shocked at the prices.

She also said it’s just too expensive to have children in this day and age. One thing she stated was the children have to go to school but where does it stop or will it continue to be a burden on the parents.

Thanks heavens when our family were going to school, now of course many years ago, as long as they were clean and had clean clothes that was all.

It did not cost a small fortune for your kid to go to school. Lots of the schools in the old country still have uniforms so there is no problems with dress competition.

In Ireland where my grandchildren attend they all wear uniforms and they really look smart.

A little story

In desperation, the mother of a four year old girl said “If you keep on sucking your thumb you will eventually blow up.”

The next day the mother and her four year old daughter attended a small social gathering.

Among those there was a woman who was very pregnant. The little girl spotter her and could not contain herself. She walked up to the expectant mother and said in a clear little voice “I know what you’ve been doing.”

Take care and have a safe week, the highways are very busy. Oh something I was thinking on, when was the first time you told your wife or your girl friend you love her, it works wonders. Try it.

Always remember God really loves you and so do I.