An exercise of unity

We have always considered ourselves, first, as followers of Jesus Christ.

We have always considered ourselves, first, as followers of Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that there are many different kinds of groups with massively varying points of view on the practice and theology of the Christian Faith.  To many it seems the only way to obtain unity amongst these varying groups is to water down one’s practice and theology to a place where it is unrecognizable as an expression of Biblical Christianity.

After much discussion and prayer we have come to the conclusion that although we are both very conservative biblical Christians with different points of view we also have a great friendship.  Our churches, Burns Lake Community Church and Burns Lake Pentecostal Church, also have much more in common than there is to divide us.  The greatest common denominator is the belief that God rules in our day to day life (his kingdom) and that we were all tied into the Head of His Body, His son Jesus Christ.

After consultations with our respective church leaderships and then with all who attend our two churches we have decided to gather together in the same place for a period of three months as an exercise in Christian unity and fellowship.  We are not merging or amalgamating.  We are just going to be together and get to know one another much better.

Pastor Neufeld and Pastor Washington will share the teaching duties on Sunday.


We are going to meet at the Pentecostal Church but a new sign will be put up for the duration of our time together that will describe our combined fellowship.  We are excited at the prospect of a new adventure and we look forward to this expression of Christian unity, if only for a season.  All are welcome to join us.  We will start joint services on September 16th and wind things up some time in December.  We do this remembering how Jesus prayed that all who received him would be “one” as he and the Father were “one”.  We look at this as a small start as we seek his blessing. 


Henry Washington John Neufeld

Burns Lake