Anyone have old pictures of hauling lumber over the ice?

Here we are over half way through January. A good feeling to have the days a bit longer.

Here we are over half way through January. A good feeling to have the days a bit longer. There is an old saying as the days lengthen the cold strengthens.

Maybe it won’t work this year who knows. It’s been an easy winter so far. Lots of snow, much needed for our lakes and next years hay crops.

How well I remember some of the winters we used to have. We thought nothing of 45 or 50 below.

One night during a cold snap when I was in the taxi business and two local ladies were stranded at the landing and had to get to town it was 45 below. What at trip that was but I managed but was I glad to get home that night.

This was before we had the power so we had to keep the motor running all night. Used a bit more fuel but easier on the car. The lake froze over almost solid that winter. At least it made driving the lake much safer. They were hauling loads of lumber over on the ice.

One guy was pretty smart he had an old bob sleigh and an old truck so he loaded them up with lumber and crossed the lake. There are some pictures of his outfit I would like to see them if some person may have them. When the lake opened up there were piles of lumber left so it was good pickings for me and I built a chicken house.

I well remember Earl Hanke and Dave Murray bringing Earl’s little daughter over with a broken leg. I took her in to the hospital and I helped Dr. Holmes set her leg. Dr. Holmes kept saying are you getting sick I said “me, I’m fine” but when I got into the fresh air was I ever sick. Whatever they used to put the little girl to sleep just about put me to sleep. Her leg was fine and was just as good as new.


Thank you Pat Kalaman on your little piece ‘Traditions on the Southside still alive.’ Yes I well remember the Wistaria concerts they were just great and I am glad you are keeping them going. I well remember being Santa at Grassy Plains, now almost a lifetime ago. I managed to sneak in and nobody could figure who was Santa that night.

House keeping

I spent yesterday doing something I should have been doing years ago and I have kept putting it off now it has caught up on me. I have been writing for almost forever and I have kept all the copies and I know just what a job I have run into. I stood for about two hours trying to sort through tem all.

What do I do with them all? There is one box full at the Landing and one here. The smart thing to do is bunch them up and burn them but good sense keep them but for what. Maybe the smart thing would be burn them, what a fire it would be but solve a big problem. I have enjoyed writing but old Father Time is catching up on me.

I have stepped on a few toes through the many years but all in all I have come out very well. As the old saying goes all’s well that ends well.

Nice music

What a pleasure it was for the folks here at the Tweedsmuir House to have the Decker Lake Mennonite Church choir drop in for a hymn sing. We all enjoy it so much. They sing most of the old hymns we were brought up on. We all enjoy it so much, you are always welcome.

Going over some old papers yesterday and came across something of interest and I know lots will be interested. There was an old-timers dinner held in Burns Lake July 4, 1963, a bit over 50 years ago, and it’s given the names of the folks present. It’s very interesting. Cliff Harrison was the main speaker and told of the old days and the hardships they went through. Years ago I asked one of the old-timers why so many folks moved into the Southside and he said the railway was going through there and the survey markers are still to be seen. What a change in the Lakes District if it had.

Box of clothes

In my last weeks write-up I asked about a box of clothes for children and no one seems to know about these things. They are not for children as I thought. Beautiful hats, scarves, so whoever owns them had better speak up as I will leave them at the thrift shop. Some person must own them but who?


It’s Sunday and we have had a nice fall of snow. Just right for skiing and folks are getting to go. Jo, my late wife, loved to cross country ski. I will always remember her going out. She was good at it too. I used to worry about her as she would go out all alone miles from home. I still treasure her skis. I am glad some of the family are taking it up.

Back home on the prairie dad bought brother Peter and I a big long toboggan and I put sides on it and put a single tree on it and a driving horse and drove it to school for a couple of years. This was more fun than going down hills. When we got to school we looked like snowmen covered with snow as we were kicked up by the horse. What memories those old days hold for me. We were short of money but as I look back they were fun days too.

Miss home

Although I am very comfortable here at the Tweedsmuir House you could not ask for more. The care is out of this world. I just can not forget my life at Francois Lake. I was counting the years tonight, 74 years in one place. No wonder I miss it. October 1941, how time flies. But it was a good move for us. It was such a wonderful life and my heart will be there forever.

My family are laid to rest here and now our younger generation have taken over.

Everyday is a good day for me and I enjoy it to the fullest and it pays off big time. I do wish my legs would work a bit better as I do miss walking around but I am very grateful for the many years I used them and I was not easy on them.

Must close up for this week with my usual God loves you a lot and so do I.

I must not forget Laura and her staff at Lakes District News for helping me out with my write-up view point. Thanks a lot.