Church in the park was a wonderful even with the heat

Here we go again with another week coming up. Seems the older I get the faster the weeks seem to come along.

Here we go again with another week coming up. Seems the older I get the faster the weeks seem to come along.

Maybe I just imagine it, could be you know. We seem to be getting our share of dry hot weather, we sure need rain. Folks are watering their gardens big time. It’s been good haying weather and also a good crop. Lots of wild berries as I mentioned last week.

Great visit

What a surprise last week to have my very old friend Keith Greene drop in, what a visit, it had been so long since I had seen him. They left here in 1969, now over 40 years ago. Lots of water under the bridge since then.

Keith ranched west of the landing and ran his cattle Francois Lake east, down as far as the Andersons. They seemed to have a lot of tough luck too. Keith damaged his leg and their home burnt down.

Keith and his wife Loretta and family moved into our coffee shop until they could build again. The family have now split up and Keith lives in one of the south islands where he’s lived since leaving the military. In our two hour visit we turned back many years. I must say good busy years too.

Church in the park

Sunday last turned out to be a very pleasant day with a church service in the Spirit Square. It was a lovely service with singing and music and an excellent message. There was also a lunch served after the service. Although I wore a big hat and dark glasses I got a bit too much hot sun. But later on in the day I got back to normal again. I guess I am not used the heat. The whole service was well worth a little extra sun.

Warm water

It’s been many years since folks have been able to swim in Francois Lake. Folks are really having a great time. It brings back so many wonderful memories.

Many years ago there was a floating dock right at the landing, this was a great place to swim and dive off. Then low and behold our government decided to remove it, no reason. It was given away to some locals. There was no reason just to be difficult and show off their power.

We may be getting another dock in the near future, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Back in the day

I’m going back many years now when our Marie was a little girl and I had picked up a steel grey gelding from some people close to Dawson Creek. His name was Smoky to match his colour.

Smoky loved to swim and Marie would put on her bathing suit and ride Smoky out for a swim. She rode bareback and she would stick like glue to Smoky. She would ride out around the old ferry dock. Her mom Jo used to be scared Marie might slip off and drown. When they had gone swimming they would come up to the store and take Marie off and turn Smoky loose for another days swim.

Not many horses like to swim, in fact he was the only one I had ever seen. There are a number of good swimming places along the lake but Nicholson Bay seems to most popular for everyone.

Years ago there was a lady staying in our cabin. She was from Prince Rupert. She asked if any person had ever swam  the lake, I didn’t know so she said “I’ll give it a try.” The lake is two and a third miles across, quite a swim and very cold water.

The lady got into her bathing suit and her husband and I got out the row boat with a coil of rope and a life jacket and off we went. She not only swam across but haft way back. She said something very interesting as she said there is a very strong current in the middle of the lake, in fact she said it was a bit scary. If you are in a boat you would not feel the current. This was interesting.

Wasp & hornets

It seems hornets and wasps have taken over. Lots of folks are getting stung. One of our girls at the landing tried to get into the garden but they were so bad she just could not get there. This is always the sign of a dry spell. I well remember one year we were taking trail rides with horses and the wasps and hornets were so bad we had to stop.

Just about as bad as the black flies. We had a nice little mare that was Marie’s and the flies just about ate her up until I noticed her standing alone and use was a mess.

In between her front legs and her chest it was raw meat. I had to keep her in the barn after that.

Clarence Snyder had some cows and calves on his lease on Tchesinkut Lake and he had some calves killed with black flies. That was a bad year for black flies as there were  other cases of ranchers losing calves.

Stormy weather

Last week we sure had some bad storms with lightning and thunder. Some were so close that it shook the Tweedsmuir House.

That was a bit too close. We did get some rain but it’s very dry still. There was a bit of hail along with the rain.

It’s nice to see our tourist centre busy with out of country tourists.

Our Lakes District has so much to offer. We have everything to give. Our lakes can give so much as they are beautiful and now so easy to get into. The last holiday weekend proved that.

Before I close off my news I would like to give a big thank you to Laura and all the staff at Lakes District News for helping me keep my view point going they are a great help. Hats off to all of you, you are great.

Close with my usual take care, the life you save could be your own. Remember always God loves you and so do I.

Just had an eye operation so I don’t look too good.