Good to be back home and even nicer to see my tree in bloom

Here I am back again after such a wonderful holiday.

Here I am back again after such a wonderful holiday.

We saw so much that brought back so many memories of Saskatchewan, being born there and spending many years, it brought back so much. Things have changed so much but the people are the same. It was quite a thrill to meet so many that I knew.

After my arrival in Edmonton I was met by my granddaughter Aryn and her husband Reza and from there we went to our old home town, Evesham.

We stayed with our wonderful old time friends, Bill and Fern. Bill took us all by team and rubber tired democrat all over our old home place, it seemed like miles and miles and it was.

Such a lovely matched team and what a way to see all the old places I know so well. The eyehill creek where we used to swim was full, even our old swimming hole was still there.

Next day we toured the district and so many of the old places are no more. All the old friends are gone now but some of the old houses and barns are still standing. The church is still there and kept so well. The pews are all oak and so beautiful.

The church was built in the 1928 and our dad helped build it so it was kinda special for me. Everyone made us so welcome. Also saw the family graves which brought back those days so long ago.

My dad has spent 40 years in the eyehill so many of the very oldtimers well remembered him and his wooden leg and how well he used to ride his horses. Many thanks to our family and friends who made this trip so special for me.

High water

The flooding of our lake has raised such a problem for Sandy’s Resort. It’s all flooded now. Let’s hope these folks get a break as the tourist season is upon them as this is their cash crop and their living.

When we first came into this district, there was a man and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Copper and they raised sheep where Sandy’s Resort is now.

It was a spring of high water and all the property was really flooded with about three feet of water. The home and all the barns were under water. All the local folks went to help with boats etc.

The stock were taken to higher land for their safety. There were horses, and chickens and milk cows but all in all it turned out ok. I well remember trying to keep the sheep in the boats. Sheep don’t like water too much. The resort has been built up since that little episode.

It was mentioned to me by a friend as he had noticed that on the calm days there were no fish jumping.

We were wondering if with the high water, there could be more feed like flies and other good things fish eat. Maybe other locations on the lake the fish are jumping.

Back home

It’s good news to have John Keefe home again from the P.G. Hospital. John had a nasty scare but he is well on his way to recovery again. We were all pulling for you John.

Post office

On most mail days at our local store a number of our locals pull up and enjoy a cup of coffee and a visit. It’s great to just visit, tell a story or two, listen to other folks relate what’s going on.

When we had the old store folks would always stop for a cup of tea. Mother was great for having a tea pot on, it seemed day or night.

It’s nice to see the visiting come back again, it just makes the day, believe me. We don’t do enough visiting as we seem to be so busy so it’s nice to see it back again.

I’m now going back a long time, in fact to when we had the old big store. On the wall by the P.O. wicket I had a large board about four foot square, on it I had about 50 old pictures they were really priceless. I was always adding some for interest. Lots of folks would wait for their mail which came in three times a week.

One of the patrons was a little guy called Ernie Howard and he had a short fuse and was very critical of my pictures as they were always wrong with names etc. So I thought I would fool him so I got a photo of big buffalo and wrote below it in large letters this buffalo was taken at Francois Lake in 1884.

He looked at this picture for a long time then he came up to me and he said “There were no %$#? buffalo at Francois Lake then or ever.”

It was just a joke on my part but a bad joke but it happened. All these pictures have been lost as I would like to find them again. They may turn up someday.

Relay for life

I was very sorry to have missed the Relay for life last week. I was away at this time. This is the first one I have ever missed.

Yes I am a cancer survivor and because of the Cancer Society I am here today. I give them my life. Burns Lake has been very generous in the support of a cure for cancer.

I don’t think that I know of any family that has not been effected by some member having cancer. I will never forget the support that I was given when I had to be sent to the U.S. for treatment.

Gas prices

Watching the ferry traffic today I just can’t believe the number of big units crossing on the ferry. One unit was as large as a Greyhound bus and pulling a car as well. With the high price of fuel it must be an expensive holiday. Last week I checked the price of gas in Sask. and Alberta and it was $112.9.


The hockey game seems to be the thing and we all hope the cup comes to Canada.

It’s just about over and we can get back to normal. The last few games I have watched looks more like a battlefield than a hockey game.


Something nice for a change and it’s our Mayday tree and it’s just loaded with blossoms, it’s beautiful. How my dear Jo loved this tree, it was her pride and joy and every time I look out to see it I think of her.

You all take care now, lots of holiday traffic so slow down on the peddle and enjoy living.

All the countryside is so beautiful, God’s handiwork and it’s for us to enjoy.

Remember God loves you and so do I.