I delivered a baby or two in my time as a taxi driver

What lovely weather we have had so far this fall. Cold nights and nice warm days.

Here I am starting our another week. What lovely weather we have had so far this fall. Cold nights and nice warm days. The rain showers are so welcome to a dry earth.

Great music

Last week we were treated to a wonderful visit with the Decker Lake Mennonite church choir. They are all so very welcome.

Then on Sunday last we were treated to a hymn sing with the Grassy Plains church choir. This was enjoyed by us all at the Tweedsmuir House. All these old hymns bring back old-time memories of our growing up years. Every Sunday evening before going to bed we would have a hymn sing along. The hired man would come over and dad would have a bible reading. Some times friends would drop in and join us. These are times I will never forget. These are what we used to call the horse and buggy days.

Sad news

This has been a very sad month for me with the loss of two of my very good old-time friends. Walter (Wally) Bridal. Wally and I were in the taxi business together for many years.

He was a nice guy to work with. When Wally took over the school bus run I drove a few times to spell him off. Then the loss of another good friend John Gelz. Both these men were very important to the Village of Burns Lake. I am going back a long time now when the Kemano tunnel was going in and when it was finished all the workmen were moving out. They were brought by barge to east Tahtsa and were picked up by taxi to Burns Lake. Every car in town was put to work and good money but a long and dangerous road. This was winter time and lots of heavy snow and poorly plowed. I worked under Franky Stewart as he had the contract. I think Wally was under Franky too. If I remember there were nine cabs going. It was a long lonesome trip. I was glad when it was over. Franky was a good guy to work for and was very good to me.

Baby delivery

Something in our paper that really will wake folks up and I hope it does. I will quote it again if you missed it. Here goes. “Perils of being pregnant in Burns Lake.” I just wonder how many children were born here in town. Our four were born here and made it fine. The highway both east and west of Burns Lake is getting heavier every year and the heavier the more dangerous it’s going to be. Then there is the expense as well. My granddaughter Marlee Wilson got caught up in this just ask her, it was not only expensive but very inconvenient. She had to stay in a motel to wait until the babies were born. They were also twins.

I just ask this question, why. Burns Lake and the Lakes District covers a big area. Yes we deserve better treatment remember this. It’s the wheel that squeaks that gets the grease. I do hope I have not said too much but I am concerned about our future.

In the mid 40s we decided to get into the taxi business. One of the best things I ever did and it lasted for almost 20 years. During those years I had many emergency trips mostly from the Southside. Some were bush and mill and some just farm accidents and many pregnant mothers. Doctor Holmes said I should take a first aid course on delivering babies. Only twice I got caught. In those days there were four trips a day so I used to get special if they were emergency calls. This call came in the early morning and was at Grassy Plains so I got the location. It was a little cabin in a field. No road just a trail. The young lady had just started to give birth and also she was alone. The baby girl came fine so I wrapped her in a towel and the mother dressed and we made the ferry and to the hospital.

All went very well. This wee baby has now grown up and is a mother herself and no doubt a grandmother too. She very often calls in and we have the most wonderful visits and talks. She is a very good friend and whenever we meet we have a  big hug.

One of my worst trips was on the Southside and on the Keefe Landing Road. It was winter time and icy roads as well as heavy snow. This man was stuck and was getting his chains on. The jack slipped out and the vehicle came down on him. He was alone as well. Someone came along with a team of horses and they had the car off by the time I got there. He was hurt very badly, his head and his shoulder mostly. So we got him in my car and made the ferry and the hospital. This was another life that Dr. Holmes save, one of many. I talked with the guy after he came out of the hospital. He had given up hope and if there ever was a miracle this was one.

Dinner at Takysie

On Tuesday last a number of the Tweedsmuir House went over on the ferry to enjoy an evening dinner at Takysie Lake Resort. It was  great. Good food and good service. The bus trip was beautiful with the trees all changing color.

How well I remember our first trip on the Southside. It was October 1941 with two wagons and five head of horses, what a trip this was. We had planned to make our new home at the Henson place at east Ootsa Lake east end. The deal went sour so we had to come all the way back and found a new home at Francois Lake. The best move we had ever made. The Lakes District has been good to us.

I have just read Paul Jean’s letter in the last paper. “Village should help out local business owner.” When I saw my name in there I didn’t think I was popular.

Thought of day

There is only one door handle of your heart, only one bolt. They are on the inside, your side. You must listen to the angel throw open the lock and open up that door.

Take care and always remember God loves you and so do I.