I have always loved music, all kinds of music!

September started out with a real thunder storm and lightning too.

September started out with a real thunder storm and lightning too. This summer seems to have been with so many bad storms. All afternoon our TV kept shutting off so I figured there was something coming up. This was Tuesday night. These storms remind me of the prairie as we used to get some terrible thunder storms and very dangerous lightning as well.

The same night we got the thunder storm they had a bad hail storm at 108 Mile. Our granddaughter lives there and the hail stones were so large they damaged the hood and the roof of their pickup. Jen said the stones were as large as the cubes that come out of the freezer. It seems it was good luck we missed that.

Good luck dime

This morning I found a dime in the middle of my floor and the queen’ head was up so it should bring me good luck for the week. If anything else I am 10 cents richer, of course it could be my dime, who knows?

Good old tunes

Last week when I was at home on the lake I went through my music and songs and it is just full of old memories.

The first one to come out was ‘Blackboard of my heart’ and written on the bottom is sung by Ruth Hargrave and Hugh Neave 1935 at Senlac.

I remember her so well. She was not only a singer but she was a beauty and I could not help but fall in love with her. We were called to sing at many concerts and the song they always called for was Blackboard of my heart. While I was with Lone Spur Bryan always played and sang it once just for me, thanks Bryan. Memory is wonderful to have and I remember Ruth and I singing it and I also remember the words as if we had sung it yesterday.

Those growing up years on the prairie were wonderful and I am so fortunate to remember them like it was yesterday rather than over 80 years ago. Music was number one in our family from the old prairie days to our moving to B.C. and modern times. Everyone in our family played an instrument and we brought it with us.

Brother Peter took up the piano, accordion and became a professional and has spent his whole life giving out wonderful music. I had two times an opportunity to get into music big time with the guitar but I guess I was interested in other things so medium was as far as I got but all in all it’s been fun. Many years ago I played guitar for Clarence Corliss as he was a well known old time fiddler and he was good. His love of music and his repertoire of songs and music would go on forever almost.

Almost every week during the winter months we would play for dances. I have great memories and respect for those good old days and Clarence, for my friend. I really missed him.

During those old times here at the lake there were other very good musicians whom I had the pleasure to entertain with. Hugh and Tom Cowan, Pete and Abe Hiebert and a couple of talent shows with Lee Herrick and Everett Jeffrey.

These were lots of fun. At that time the band members were Clarence Corliss, Janet Shaffer, Gordy Funnel, Abe and Peter, brother Peter and myself. Peter and I dropped out soon after.

I am so glad I grew up in that period. So much music and singing, musical house parties, sing songs. Everyone was into music. This is a thing of the past now. TV and tape decks and now with all this superdeluvial high class electrical equipment, this old equipment has gone by the wayside, too bad but it’s true.

There still is lots of high class musicians, good music. Music is still good but much different than the old stuff I was brought up on. I do not feel free to condemn any of it but all I can do is compare the old with the new and at my age it’s kind of fun.

A side remark but don’t tell anybody but I’m getting to like these modern songs and the music too. Yes it’s good stuff. If I was much younger I would be in with the crowd and big time.

Great fair

The 70 annual Lakes District Fall Fair and Music Festival is behind us leaving wonderful memories of old friends we met last year and of course making new friends. What a weekend it was with folks from far and wide to enjoy such a weekend and it was the best ever I do believe.

There was something for everyone regardless of age, it was there. The music and the singing really took my eye and the young folks dancing, this was wonderful.

The livestock showing and the horse show. So much going on it’s just hard to get it all down. I must remember all the great things for the young folk.

Burns Lake should feel very proud of all these planners and hard workers who made it all happen. Fall fairs don’t just happen overnight it takes endless hours of hard work and we take off our hats to you all. Anything that has to do with horses is always a crowd pleaser and as I mentioned before we had some great horse sports.

The heavy horse pull to close off the day was a great way to close such a wonderful weekend. The weather was out of this world just like the doctor ordered, good weather helps make a good fair. The exhibit hall was also just wonderful too, so much wonderful things to show off. Again I say what a weekend it all turned out to be as I will close with my pet word “Superdeluvial” covers it all.

As you start you week always remember God loves you and of course so do I and big time.

On Tuesday evening we had some top of the line entertainment drop into the Tweedsmuir House. Ishdafish and his guitar and what an entertainer he is. His lovely wife Marion and her accordion and what talent she has too. The evening just went too soon. They both came into visit me this afternoon and what a grand couple, they are great friends. As I had played in so many bands I have made so many wonderful friends. All the lovely songs they sang were of their own composing.