Merry Christmas to all my family and friends

We were very sorry to hear of the passing of Rosemary Harrison (Hunter).

Sad news

We were very sorry to hear of the passing of Rosemary Harrison (Hunter). She passed away in the Pines where she has been a resident for many years. This will be another break in our old time pioneer families.

On Saturday last here was a memorial service held at the Decker Lake gym for the late Stanley Nelson. Many friends and his loving family were all there to pay their last respects.

By the numbers present it showed how much this man was thought of and loved. What a man and what a life as he lived it to the fullest. Stan was one of our own as he was born here and spent many years in this district before moving south.

The DVD shown really gave us such a wonderful idea of his life and the love for his family and friends. Bob Saul did an excellent job conducting the service. Stanley left us as a man with such life left to live and to share with his family and so many friends. We very often ask this question why?


Christmas just around the corner seems to come so fast as everyone seems so busy. Maybe too busy to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

The Salvation Army and many of the food banks are saying the funds are not coming in like they do other years. They are wondering just what’s going to happen. Folks are not giving as much but there are lots of folks out of work and do not have the money to give out.

The other evening on TV I noticed how important it is for these folk to be able to pick up food to feed their families. Also the kitchens that are giving out meals. Where we live it’s hard to believe there are hungry people especially the children.

I was reading the other night an article and they said that over a million children in Canada go to bed hungry. Then you see folks walking the streets looking for a place to sleep. One thing I have noticed how generous we are with filling up these food boxes. There were two boxes full and over flowing. You will be blessed with your kindness especially at this time of year.

A true story

In a city there was a very well off family and they had four older teenage daughters. These girls had everything they wanted so when

Christmas came along instead of buying presents for each other each girl picked out a needy family and each one was to give this family a complete Christmas right from presents for the children and a full Christmas dinner.

After they had finished the girls went home and told their parents this was the best Christmas they had ever had and they would do it again next year if all went well.

What a wonderful Christmas present this turned out to be, for so many. This is what Christmas is all about don’t’ you think?

Wonderful concert

On Dec. 11 at the Immaculata Church the Lakes District Community Choir presented their wonderful Christmas concert with music. What a great and wonderful way this was to remember Christmas by singing all these beautiful songs.

I know that Rebecca has put in her great write-ups. I just had to put in my two bits. There were so many singing choirs and also a duet that went over well. We are so very fortunate to have so much great talent within our Lakes District.

Our L.D. Choir has almost reached the point of being a professional group. We are proud of you. There are also some smaller choirs that are doing so well too and we are also proud of you.

Looking back

I some times like to go back in my memory and think of all the old time Christmas times we used to have both on the prairie and also in B.C. where we made our final home. B.C. and Francois Lake has been good to us.

During the depression years in Saskatchewan we had some pretty lean Christmas times. I well remember my dad putting his arm around me and I had just milked the cows and he said to me “I have some bad news for us as we only have $100 to last the winter, just don’t know how we can make it.” I told him we will make it as long as we are together that’s enough Christmas for us. I think I was 10 years old at the time. Then I will call it something from heaven happened.

About a week later the station agent sent word down there was a big box for us at the freight shed, the question arose what could this be. A lady friend of our mothers who came to Canada with her by the name of Kate Lang and who was working in Winnipeg, sent us this huge box of everything you can imagine, food, cans of jam, candy, cheese, a huge can of Rogers Golden Syrup, and gifts as well.

What a God send, it made Christmas for the Neave family. She was an angel that came to us. Years later she came to B.C. to visit us and how well I remember the Christmas boxes she used to send us.

I would like to thank the staff at Lakes District News as they are so very nice to work with as they make it a pleasure getting my viewpoint out every week keeps my mind active and all in all, it’s fun.

I get so many folks stop me and say “Are you the guy who writes in the paper every week, we love your little stories and down home stuff.” I guess as long as I am able I will keep on and again thanks to all the staff who I work with.

I have cut down on my cards this year so I am going to wish all my friends a wonderful Christmas and all the good things in the New Year.

A little advice from an old guy if you must party please don’t drive. Life is just too precious to lose it over the last drink.

I know, as I have been there and done that, I’m going to say you have one life use it wisely because God loves you a lot and so do I as you all are my friends.

A little poem

Never too cold for kindness, never too deep the snow, to wish you a Merry Christmas, our good Lord can bestow.