Music has changed so much over the years

A long time ago, this was a winter when the lake had frozen over with good ice and there was almost a main highway across.

A long time ago, this was a winter when the lake had frozen over with good ice and there was almost a main highway across.

Jo and I were getting ready for bed and there was a knock on the door so I got my big coat to see who it was.

It was one of the Southside residents and he was stuck getting off the lake, could I give him a pull.

I could see he had been drinking a bit too much. I told him maybe I should leave him stuck until he sobered up a bit. I could see this didn’t go over so well so he took a swing at me and I stepped back and he missed me.

It was very icy and he lost his balance and hit the frozen ground head first and I heard his head hit the ice. I helped him up and the bang on his head sobered him up a bit. He then told me he had two children in his car so I drove him down to the lake and pulled him onto the road.

I asked him could he drive as I was worried about the kids but he seemed ok. Anyway I watched him to the corner.

Next morning early I had a town trip and on Peeble’s hill there was this guys car on its side in the ditch. It seemed seem someone saw the accident and took the kids to the hospital. All went well for the all. This chap has now passed on many years ago but we became good friends.

Although I didn’t hit him at the house word got around, boy that Huey Neave sure packs a mean punch.

Good music

Last week we had George and Larry come into the Tweedsmuir House and entertain us with some of their good music. This gives us all an uplift. They have been here before and we always enjoy them. I think they enjoy playing here too.


Just had a very interesting visit with Maryanne Dean this morning as she was making my breakfast. She is one of the daycare ladies here at the Tweedsmuir House.

She told me something very interesting so will pass it on. Not too long ago they were going up the Nourse Creek trail and they saw a mountain goat, it was alone. This is interesting as it had been seen some time ago by another party. I would like to see her pictures. I also understand Susan Peebles has seen a mountain goat there, I wonder if it’s the same one and if by chance is there more? Could be.

Buck deer

Yesterday my son Richard had a buck deer go through this place with a full set of horns. Is this late in the shedding of their horns. Has anyone seen a buck this late with a full set?

Maybe the mild winter has made the shedding come later than usual. Now the lake is frozen over, it’s good news for the coyotes as they can now run the deer out onto the ice and kill them. Every night they hear the coyotes howling.


How many folks remember the sweep-stakes we used to have before the new ferry came in on the date the ice would be clear on Francois Lake. The lake had to be clear of ice dock to dock. It was the time and the date and it was $1 a guess. Our dad and Joe Sugden were the judges.

Old music

My son Mark asked me the other day to write a little burp about the music we used to have in the families growing up years.

When the kids were younger I was still playing for dances and social evenings and I would tell them about where we played and who we played for. They liked those little stories. So I am going to try and remember some of the music and singers I entertained with. When we arrived at Francois Lake in October 1941 there was only one small group of singers and a few locals.

It was a while before music and singing started to come out and it proved to be very good. Mrs. Granger from Noralee played piano and used to come to the hall for musical evenings. Hugh and Tom Cowan entertained at the Trout Creek Hall, they were good. Then came Fred and Mrs. Lougee who lived east of Nourse Creek. They used to hold open houses and this was good she was a piano player. Then at Colleymount there was Pete and Abe Hiebert, great violin music. Then comes June and Lee Herrick, top of the line. Then Abe Peters and Clarence Corliss both very talented violin players. They both played Francois Lake for many years. I always enjoyed playing with them. Then there was a band started at Francois Lake called The Ramblers and it was good with Janet Shaffer, Clarence Corliss, Abe Peters, Gordy Funell, brother Peter and myself. We did not stay with them.

Peter moved away and I played with another band. Now the music has changed so much with all the electronic equipment that has come into the music world.

We have so much talent and it’s great to see it coming out especially in our younger generation.

How I miss those little bands they were so much fun but they were part of my life that I will never forget. I know I have missed some things but some of these little stories are over 50 years ago.

Last night we had the Decker Lake Mennonite Church choir to come and entertain us. They sang some of our old best loved hymns and also a message for us all to enjoy.

The older we get the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.

Long ago when men cursed and beat the ground with sticks it was called witchcraft, today it’s called golf,

Take care have a safe week and slow down as the life you save could be your own. Always remember God loves you and so do I.

It’s not near as important how many years a person has lived as how many other folks have been right glad he has.