Recent heavy winds cleaned off our back porch

We live in a great generous district and I am proud of you, and proud to be a part of it.

Old friends passing

On Nov. 19 at St. Paul’s United Church Burns Lake, many close family, relations and many many friends gathered to pay their last respects to someone very dear to us all, Margaret (Peggy) Shelford. During her many years of teaching she left something very special in all those who she taught. She was a person who really knew the true meaning of love which she passed on to so many. The church was just packed with so many folks who she had known in her lifetime. This was memorial service with Donna Harrison and Ray Fletcher officiating. Her eulogy was ready Julie Gibson. Peggy was a true pioneer as she had spent all her working year in the Lakes District where she worked and raised her family. Peggy we all loved your and we will miss you, as you were special.

Had a call from Hillary Routley last night with the news that Evie Eaton had passed away. Evie and her husband Don made their home on the Brown Rd. where they farmed for many years. The Rosang family now live on the old Eaton place. Evie and her family left many years ago and moved back to the prairie. My late wife Jo always kept in contact with the Eaton family as she and Evie were very close friends.

My brother Peter sent me a cutting from Penticton with the report of the death of another one of our neighbours at the landing, Dr. Lawson Gordon Sugden. Lawson spent all his growing up years here at Francois Lake. His parents had a boarding house in our present home. After the death of his father Joe in 1950 the family moved on. Lawson graduated in the Burns Lake high school. He was very clever and ended up with various degrees and was very well known for his Canadian wildlife service. He was a good hardball player and for some years played in the local baseball team. After graduating he worked in the Sunset Hardware in Burns Lake. During that time he bought a Harley 45 from our neighbour Elmer Mills, Lawson rode it to work all that winter. It was a very cold winter, 45 and 50 below Fahrenheit, no slow plows and no pavement. He made a deal with me when he came home at night, he would keep the bike in the store where it was warm. Lawson never missed a days work that winter. He was one tough young man. He also leaves a wife and family and many friends that Lawson had made not only here at the lake but all over Alberta and the lower mainland. Lawson was a good friend to our family. A note of interest, among his many endeavors was a under grad degree at UBC and received his masters of science at the Utah State University in 1957.

Dinner & auction

The Ootsa Lake Bible Camp supper held in the Island Gospel Church was as per usual a sellout. The funds are to go in support of this wonderful camp that has been enjoyed for so many years and by so many.

The church was packed and the dinner was super. Well served, prepared and lots of it. The silent auction was also a sellout with so many generous buyers.

The total take in was $8000 as a round figure. This will really be a shot in the arm for the camp.

Although the economy is a little on the lean side folks just dug a little deeper in their pocket books to help out such a worthy cause.

We live in a great generous district and I am proud of you, and proud to be a part of it.

Ice – be careful

All the smaller lakes are frozen over but a word of warning as I have heard the ice is not safe, so just be careful. We sure don’t need any more accidents. Some time ago I saw a movie a man took of a snow machine rider trapped on his machine as it went through the ice.

He was drowned but what a death. After they brought up the machine and his body it seemed his one foot was caught in the machine and would not release. I will always remember watching this movie. So let this be a warning it may save a life.

The weather forecast said we were to get heavy winds, well for once he was right. Last night, Thursday Nov. 24, we sure did get it. Just about blew us off the hill.

Took everything that was lose off our back porch. Now I have to find it and put it back. Another storm on the way. There is an old saying that I heard as a kid and as a rule it’s right; red sky in the morning sailors warning, red sky at night sailors delight.

Check this out and as a rule it’s right. We have had a couple of mornings with a red sky.


The local elections are over so things will get back to normal again. I have not heard any one complaining so we are all set for another term.

Good research

In our last paper if you check out the community builders page you will notice a bit of history of Burns Lake.

Hats off to Kerry Guenter for your research for us all to read. You must have really have given a lot of time and energy to get it together. One of his quotes and I will write it up “Burns Lake, one of five places named after explorer and miner Michael Byrnes.”

One thing I want to check on and that’s where did Barney Mulvaney, another old time pioneer, fix in as his name in not mentioned.

He was also a founder of Burns Lake. Kerry you did a great job and it’s guys like you that keep our history of the days alive.

Time to close out for another week with a little poem.

Oh, put my spurs upon my chest, my rope and saddle tree, and while the boys lay me to rest please turn my horse free.

Take care and have a safe week and remember God loves you and so do I. Need I say anymore as I say it from my heart.