Sorry, short and sweet this week

On Wednesday evening we were treated to such a delightful evening entertainments with the highland dancers.

On Wednesday evening we were treated to such a delightful evening entertainments with the highland dancers.

This is a group of young ladies and what an evening it turned out to be. What talent we have in Burns Lake we are so proud of you all. Thank you all for coming out to entertain us.

Christmas shopping

Christmas is getting closer every day. It seems faster every year.

They say the Christmas shoppers put the big stores back on their feet for another year. Christmas really was a busy time for the taxi business. It was a real money maker for us . All the stores in town was pie in the sky for the town.

Now with the good highway to Prince George folks do lots of their shopping there. No doubt things are cheaper in the big stores. We do have some good places to shop and a good variety too. We have always tried to shop local.

Birthday dinner

It was a pleasure last Saturday evening to be invited to my great grandson’s birthday supper. Sebastian Wilson’s sixth birthday. His mom and dad are very proud of him as he is already going to school and loves going.

It was 87 years ago when I was his age also getting ready for school. Almost a lifetime ago. As they always say time flies and I guess it’s right.

My typewriter has given up so I will limp through a few things before it’s junk. It has done well for so many years. It must be almost 30 years old. I hope after Christmas I will start my viewpoint again as I have a new machine coming.

Christmas joke

Top 10 uses for holiday fruit cake

10. Use slices to balance that wobbly kitchen table.

9. Use instead of sand bags during El Nino.

8. Send to U.S. Air Force, let troops drop them.

7. Use as railroad ties.

6. Use as speed bumps to foil the neighbourhood drag racers.

5. Collect 10 and use them as bowling pins.

4. Use instead of cement shoes.

3. Save for next summer’s garage sale.

2. Use slices in next skeet-shooting competition.

1. Two words pin cushion.

I would like to pass on Christmas blessings to the staff of the Lakes District News who have been a great help in my writings. I enjoy working with you all.

Also a happy and blessed Christmas to my many faithful readers.

Merry Christmas and remember God loves you and so do I