Spring is on its way, it’s just a little slow this year

On Saturday last there was a retirement party for Donna Fowler held at the Francois Lake Hall.

On Saturday last there was a retirement party for Donna Fowler held at the Francois Lake Hall. Donna will no longer be nursing full time. It was such a nice party with family there and so many friends she has come in contact with through many years of nursing. It was a fun afternoon with a lovely lunch and lots of visiting and a show with Donna’s family going back so many years.

I think it gave us all a feeling of nostalgia I know it did for me. Donna was good nurse always showing compassion and kindness to everyone. How well I remember Donna’s graduation ceremony it seems like yesterday as I say many times, time flies.

Sometimes we wonder where has it gone. Nursing is special in our family and we are so proud of them as Donna is my niece and we have loved her like our daughter. I hope and pray her retirement will be full of pleasure as she well deserves it.

Mail day

Every mail day which is Monday to Friday, a number of our locals come into the Northside store and post office for a coffee and a visit. Tell a few jokes and just all around have a good gab fest. It’s just a great time to talk over old times too.

This is as a rule between 10 am and noon. Often one of the lades will bring a bit of baking which is always enjoyed. It seems that often in our busy lives we don’t visit like we used to and now we are bringing it back. Laura the store owner makes the best coffee.

Smart metres

In my last mail I received a letter that kind of ruffled my feathers a bit and it was from B.C. Hydro telling me they would be replacing our metre for a new kind of which nobody really understands why.

This was pushed down our throat without telling the pros and cons or why. I think we should of had more time and explain this change over which is going to effect us all. Will our power be cheaper, I bet not.

As the saying goes time will tell. Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree but I’m a bit upset through it all and not a bit happy.

Another fire

It seems our Lakes District has had its share on bad times. First the Babine mill fire and then on Monday evening last there was a bad fire at Southbank that destroy the big quonset warehouse belonging to Waterbridge.

They lost most all their equipment. This was the big warehouse used for storage. So far the cause is unknown.

Spring ahead

When my news comes out next week we will be well started with daylight savings time. It always takes me about a good week to get things figured out.

Even my dog is confused. This is something else we don’t have much control over. One thing it makes us feel that spring is a little closer. It’s Friday today and the snow is starting to run off with water running down our hill.

Also son Mark saw a bunch of redwinged blackbirds. They were sitting on a tree overlooking the lake. This is very early for them. Maybe they know something we don’t.


This morning there was two loads of raw logs go through, they had come over on the ferry. It was a B train truck. Nice logs and a good load. I look back and think how logging has advanced in the many years we have been on the lake. For all these many years logging and bush work had been the life blood of the Lakes District.

The logging business has been the bread basket for so many for so many years and it still is.

When we first came in to live here in 1941 there were still tie hackers and their broad axes. I have watched them and it was an art within itself. Their axes were razor sharp and could be dangerous especially on the frozen timber.

The ties would be hauled out with teams of horses to the railway to be shipped out. There were also little portable mills banging away hidden away in the bush cutting railway ties and lumber. This was also sleigh hauled with horses to the railway.

Every few miles there would be a railway siding with piles of railway ties and lumber waiting to be picked up. In the early years there were over a hundred saw mills across the lake. Some bigger mills and some smaller ones.

All along the northside there were mills banging away. Some of these were quite large too. Lots of teams of horses were used for hauling logs to the mills. Burns Lake, Decker Lake, Palling, Rose Lake, Babine, Pendelton Bay. I could go on forever almost as I have lost count.

I have seen a big change and I must say maybe not for the better. Maybe we have seen the good times as I remember them.


On Mar. 10 at the Francois Lake Hall there was a fundraiser and family dinner. It was a very full evening with something going on for everyone. At 5 p.m. there was what was called family activities with lots of visiting.

This was followed by a delicious turkey dinner with tables well decorated and set up for the meal.

All the proceeds to purchase kitchen equipment for the rodeo kitchen at the Eagle Creek fair grounds. Everything was so well organized. Richard Cannon and his very able helpers did such a wonderful job of making sure everyone felt comfortable and had an enjoyable evening.

One thing that really was very special was the excellent dinner that was served, this is an art within itself to serve so many without a hitch. Hats off to the cooks and the servers. All in all it was a fun evening for both the young and the not so young.

It’s time I finished my news as it’s getting late and get all our clocks turned ahead.

Have a safe week, spring is on its way… maybe a bit slow but it’s still on its way. I think we are all tired of winter and spring is going to be welcome. I will close as usual with my reminder no matter what God loves you and so do I.