Thanks to everyone who came to my birthday

A wonderful birthday supper was held for me on Saturday night at the home of Rick and Marie Hunter on August 23 with family and fiends.

On Sunday evening last there was a church service at St. Luke’s on the lake… it was a service everyone could enjoy with lots of good music and singing. The service started with a delightful potluck lunch with lots for everyone to enjoy, then the service with the music, singing and readings suitable for our service.

It was a pleasure to have Pastor Herb Larsen present and give our closing prayer. It’s good news to once more have services in St. Luke’s. Thanks to those who made this possible, God will love you for that. The church is open to anyone. You will be most welcome and I know you will enjoy the service so come and give it a try.

No smoke

A lovely morning, no smoke in sight for far, let’s hope and pray the fires are under control and once more folks will be able to rest easy.

This summer will be remembered for a long time with so much devastation in our beautiful forest. We do need rain and big time too. Folks are having to water their gardens, that’s if they want a garden and this is very important to their living.

All the hay fields are powder dry and so are the pastures. I don’t remember it so dry for so long. Francois Lake is on a big time low. It’s a bit scary for water lines when winter comes.


On Wednesday evening last we were once more treated by the Decker Lake Mennonite church choir to a lovely singing and also a gospel message for us all. They always leave us with a good feeling. It’s always good to see so many young people taking part in the choir.

Back in the day

When we took over the store at Francois Lake and no power so keeping things was a big problem. Every winter we filled an icehouse on the lake. This was a big job as we also had to haul sawdust from the mill to pack the ice blocks in.

We had a big icebox that held a big chunk of ice and we would pack the milk and fresh groceries. What a job this was but it worked. Then we bought a propane fridge and this worked but was expensive to operate.

Most everyone was in the same boat. Then the community got together with B.C. Hydro and we got power, what a change to our way of living. It was what you would call a Godsend. Now we take it for granted, plug or pull the switch and you are away. That’s one time when our community really pulled together and we got power.

Way back

This is a little story that goes back many years. It was a very hot dry summer here so our family decided we would take a weeks holiday in lower B.C. On the way down it was hot even hotter than Francois Lake.

Anyway we were nearly cooked so we pulled into Lillooet, that was not too smart as that little town was melting. We pulled into a little cafe and our car tires cut into the pavement as we drove in to park. The building was an oven. One guy told us they were frying eggs on the pavement and I believed him.

The flies were terrible in the cafe so we backed out and hit the road. I had never ever been in a place so hot and I will never every say Francois Lake is too hot. We sure were glad to get to a cooler place.

August 22 the rain came, what a blessing for us all. It was a thirsty land but this morning everything has changed. Our prayers have been answered.

Birthday dinner

A wonderful birthday supper was held for me on Saturday night at the home of Rick and Marie Hunter on August 23 with family and fiends. Rick did the BBQ and what a great job he did too.

Fresh salmon and turkey and all the trimmings, what a meal. The dinner was to be served on the front lawn but a rain shower came up so we moved into the house.

But it did clear up later on. It was a special evening for us to have our Irish family with us for their last weekend as they will be leaving us for home early Monday morning for Prince George to catch their plane.

Karmen, Robyn, Jordyn and their mother Kathy. We are really going to miss them. T

hey had a wonderful time with visiting, swimming, hiking, four wheeling and enjoyed having them just to talk over old times with family and school days.

It all turned out to be a fun summer for us all. They are already talking about another visit. Maybe come back to stay who knows.

On one of their walks with their cousins visiting Nourse falls they came up on a mountain goat which is not common but they do come down to the falls sometimes so I have heard.

They took pictures which were very interesting. I would like to thank friends and family for the cards, they are so very precious to me and also the phone calls I have received. I never ever thought that I would make 92 years.

Another thank you to my granddaughters who made up two large trays of tarts with 92 on the top. This took lots of time and thank you for those as well they were so nice and tasty. Again I must say thanks so much to friends and family you are all so special to me.

Something to think on

Dreams are never destroyed by circumstances, dreams are born in the heart and mind and only there can never die, because while the difficult takes time the impossible takes a little longer.

Take care and always remember God loves you and so do I.


We had the pleasure of a visit from the Grassy Plains gospel church. We always enjoy them stopping in for a hymn sing. They do a great job.