The coffee house at Grassy was a great fun filled evening

The Grassy Plains school gym was filled to capacity on Saturday last to pay respects to a good friend and neighbour, William Troy.

The Grassy Plains school gym was filled to capacity on Saturday last with many friends, neighbours, and family to pay their last respects to a good friend and neighbour, William Troy (Bill).

Whatever Bill did he did it well. In his lifetime at the lakes he made so many friends. By the number who came out to pay their respects was an idea of how well this man was thought of. Bill will be missed not only as a friend but as a neighbour. We won’t forget you Bill. You were my good friend.

Our old time pioneer families are passing away with the passing of Innes Short. Innes had spent a lifetime in the Lakes District. Cancer once more raised its ugly head and took him away.

I have known Innes for a lifetime at least and we were good friends for so long. We are both the same age or very close. His parents were some of the oldest families to settle in the lakes. They were a living history that has left us. Innes was one of the last of the old cowboys and he was a real one.

Another shocking news was the passing of George Unruh. A man more or less with so many years ahead of him. He went so quickly without a bit of warning. George also leaves a loving family and so many friends. He was also one of my good friends.

Fun night

Saturday night at the Grassy Plains Hall there was what is called a coffee house entertainment. What a great evening it turned out to be.

This was to raise funds for the purchasing of banquet tables. It turned out just great and they now have the funds to go ahead. The new stage is just great, lots of room and so convenient for the entertainers.

The lighting is super and the sound system was set up so the players were able to preform at their best. The hall was also set up so the acoustics were out of this world. They were what you would find in a hall in Vancouver. There is nothing here that you can compare it too. All the credit goes to Kelly Moore who is an expert on sound and lighting. The music and singing was also great. The talent that we have as I would say professionals for want of a better word. Brian Worrall and Lone Spur were very honoured to also play a part in the evening entertainment.

As we had arrived early in the afternoon to check things out we were invited for supper with Helen and Jerry Monkman before going to the hall. Their hospitality was very much appreciated and what a wonderful meal. Thank you both.


Last week grandson Edward and I were watching a show at about 10 p.m. and low and behold looking in our front room window was our big momma deer and her young one looking in our window. Her nose was touching the glass. Her big ears and her big eyes gave Ed a shock. She was right on our veranda, a kind of a shock as she had to climb up three steps to get there and under the roof.

Now I know where our bird feed is going but I guess she is hungry too. It was black dark and I wonder what she thought looking in our bright lit up room.

I have just heard that some person living at Decker saw a young bear in their yard. This is very odd to see one out so early. Last year bears were seen very early too. Maybe they know something we don’t.

Looking back

How well I remember our mother and the hardships she went through. She left her home in England where they had maids to do the housework and the comforts of life.

She came to Saskatchewan in Sept. 1921 to a shack in the Eyehill, married a man who was handicapped with only one leg. She never saw her parents again. I never saw my grandparents and all they had was pictures.

Her first experience of ranching was when she was sent to run in some cows riding one of dads cutting horses. One cow tried to get away and dads pony could turn on a dime and he did and lost mother.

She ended up to be an excellent rider after that. I was born Aug. 24, 1922. No time wasted there. No baby sitters, no close neighbours, so I was carried on horseback everywhere.

One day mom lost me, I was about three and I was told never to leave the yard or a good spanking would be in store. She was in a panic as the creek was close to the yard, she ran to the creek and no little kid so as she passed the corral she noticed a bunch of horse there so she walked over to look and there was I was sitting under one of the broke horses. Mother said a prayer and went in among the bunch, her prayer was answered as she went through the bunch and pulled me out to safety. Most of the horses never moved as she went among them.

I think I got a good spanking after, mother had loved me no doubt. That was only one of the narrow squeaks I had in my life.

Poor mother I guess I gave her lots of scares through my growing up years. She had lots of stories to tell. She always wondered how did that kid get through those horses without getting either hurt or killed.

Through the many years I have made so many wonderful friends, they are always giving me a hand as I don’t get around very fast anymore.

I manage to walk up to Mark’s corral and talk to Cooper, he looks for treats and a scratch behind his ear and he talks to me. He puts his head on my shoulder and puts his lips around my ear and we visit. The kids ask me what he is saying so I have to make up something to tell them.

Here is a little poem for my friends

May our friendship never come apart especially when it’s straight from the heart. May you always have a rainbow of smiles on your face and in your heart forever and ever.

Take care now and remember God loves you and so do I.