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The deer have seemed to vanished lately around the Landing

I would have bet money that Francois Lake would have stayed open for this year, no it sure fooled this old boy. She is frozen over. That little cold spell last week sure did the trick. Feb. can be a nasty month and this year it sure proved it. One good things is the longer daylight hours and spring is getting closer every day.

On Sunday afternoon and evening the hospital auxiliary sponsored a lovely beef dinner with all the trimmings for all their volunteer workers. These wonderful workers give so much time into this very important venture. These thrift shops are a Godsend to our community and the funds that come in from the sale of clothes etc. goes to help our hospital with things that are needed.

The local legion did the supper and what a supper it was. Good food and good service.

Brian Worral and Lone Spur supplied the musical entertainment for the evening. I t was a fun evening for us and we did enjoy playing for them. We also were served some of this wonderful supper, it was great. Thanks for having us we really did enjoy the evening, it was an honour.

It was mentioned to me the other day if I knew where all the deer went that were feeding in the hayfields last fall. Your guess is as good as mine. Some of them are feeding in the ranchers bales so they are doing o.k. but the big bunch are no doubt back in the timber holed up. That's my guess. There are a few tracks around but not many. Now the lake is frozen over the deer will have a touch time as the wolves and the coyotes will chase them out onto the ice and kill them. Fair game for them.

It looks like in the near future we will be getting a big hit to our pocket books and big time. With all the unrest in our world today our fuel costs will be going up. This is going to hit us all especially those who are having to drive to work. Now hydro is going to raise the cost of our power. This is for three years with a gradual climb. One thing that bugs me a bit is when these huge construction projects are finished will the price go down again, I bet not. Once up there is stays.

It's Thursday morning and our thermometer read minus 30.5, that's a bit on the chilly side. One thing the sun is shining so that's a plus.

Last weekend went over with a bang and big bang too with the cold smoke plus. It was an exciting weekend with lots of thrills and spills. It was unfortunate there was a serious accident during the sports.

The big machines that are today make our old machines look like a kids toy. The power they turn out now was unheard of in the olden times. This weekend was a real shot in the arm for Burns Lake. You did a great job and it went over so well. Keep it up as this kind of sport will be a boost for you for all time. As well you have a wonderful location as well. Close enough to town but not too close so you have the room to expand.

Stopped into the hospital yesterday to visit some old friends there. Ray Pudsey, Ron Peden and Fritz Wurster. If you have nothing to do and can't sleep stop into the hospital for a few minutes, it will make your day and theirs too.

I almost forgot to ask this question. How many litres of high test fuel was used over the cold smoke weekend? I bet it was a big amount is my guess.

There was something in the last paper that caught my eye among other things. This was called 'An unknown nurses diary from Burns Lake past'. This is very interesting to me as I had some of the same thing in my news. This is great as I will copy it out and keep it in with the rest of my old time write ups that I am trying to put together. There is so much history in the Lakes District and if some of us older folk don't get it together it will be lost. There will be no doubt some variation on the dates but that's only a minor thing.

Here is some good news for the town and will make things a bit more prosperous as well. It seems Mr. Sam is working on his new subway business. He has picked an ideal location for it, especially on the main drag. The kind of food served by the Subway will not effect any of the other food outlets, but it will be a real boost to the town itself. Good luck to you Mr. Sam.

Another little thing I just read, now what happened? Burns Lake Government agent to be relocated to Vanderhoof. Not good news one little bit. We have had a Government agent in Burns Lake for over at least 80 years. What else will be moving to Vanderhoof? This plus the school board office and their up to date hospital, what more do they get? Our radio station to Smithers, what more are we going to lose? I am having a job to digest this. Burns Lake really has so much to give out, what's happened?

It seems that winter is not going to go out very easily. For a couple of mornings we have had it minus 30. One thing making good ice for the ice fisherman. Cheer up spring gets closer every day.

Keep a watch on your paper as there have been some top notch entertainment come to town and more on the way. All theses shows are a shot in the arm for Burns Lake and that's for sure.

Have just got off the phone from such a wonderful visit with Margaret Berg. She and Erling have made their home in Hazelton for many many years. They both grew up in Burns Lake. Margaret was the first baby girl born in the down town hospital. They both have a wealth of stories from the old days growing up in Burns Lake. I well remember them both so well.

It's been a good day so will close up as usual, wishing you a safe week always remembering that God loves you and so do I.


An add on for us all and I speak for all Canadians, we are sure very lucky and fortunate to live in Canada when we see what's happening all over our known world. We are very well blessed. I stand up and say "I'm proud to be a Canadian."