The weather so far this summer sure hasn’t been great

I just had a nice little note slipped under the P.O. door this morning.

I just had a nice little note slipped under the P.O. door this morning.

What a pleasant surprise it was. Kept me guessing for a minute or so. Then the bells began to ring. It was from Patricia Thompson, Dr. Trevor Thompson’s wife. She had been spending her holidays at Southbank visiting her son and his wife.

Dr. Thompson will be well remembered with his practice in Burns Lake, now many years ago. Both Jo and

I knew them both very well. Burns Lake really missed them when they left for greener pastures. If I were to say between 40 and 50 years ago I might be pretty close.


So far we have had some nice days but as I look back the summers were always much warmer and longer. We always would swim in the lake starting on the Mayday holiday.

Our family always swim and dive from the old ferry dock. Since the powers that be in all their wisdom took out our floating dock the swimming came to an end. We need another small boat dock, but with a top heavy bureaucracy that we are hobbled with today a boat dock is too far away and may never be again and it’s needed so badly.

End of school

On June 24, 2011 the Francois Lake Elementary School held their year end honours assembly. This was a very special day for the children, parents, and teachers, another milestone passed in their lives. There were a number of awards given out to deserving teachers and staff. The school is booked solid for the next term. F.L.E.S. is well known for it’s excellent teaching staff that makes it so well known. Also it has a very special rural location which brings it above town and city schools. This day was also a special tribute to Mrs. Koop upon her retirement. She told me she had been teaching for 30 years. What an impression this wonderful lady has made in the lives of  so many of her students in those many years. Although she has retired from teaching she will still continue with her school choir.

I am going to give a very special article that was given at the school and I am sure you will find it very interesting. It was eight years ago that Mrs. Koop came to Francois Lake from Fort Nelson. We had no idea at the time, what an incredible impact she would have on our school and what a joy it would be for us to work with her. As most of you know Mrs. Koop leads best by example and has a calm and calming influence on everyone around her. She has treated her staff with dignity, trust and respect. Always recognizing the individual strengths each one brings to the school and allowing them the freedom to contribute in the areas of expertise and passion. Thank you Lois for being both our champion and our gentle guide. It’s been an honour and a pleasure to have this wonderful couple as my neighbours.

Sandy’s is open

I understand that Sandy’s camp ground is having folks start to move in once more. It’s been a tough break for these folks. The tourist season is so short one has to make the best of it while you can. It’s years ago now when we were in the tourist trade and it’s what we used to say “Make hay while the sun shines.”


We used to have some very good years and some bummers.

We had horseback and wagon rides that was a drawing card for us and it really paid off but of course lots more work as well. Even today I bump into folks that used to stay with us many many years ago, remember the wagon and the horseback rides.

At one time we had about 15 horses here for the summer trade.

A large number of our tourists came to us from Prince Rupert. Our mother wrote for the Prince Rupert paper for many years and even today many folks remember her stories.

A few folks that I have been talking to are a bit concerned about their gardens. This cool weather is slowing down the growth very much so. Our apple trees are loaded but it we don’t get some warmer weather and an open fall they will not have time to mature.

As there were no bees around last year we didn’t get any apples either.

One strange thing that I notice is we still have few deer in our back yard. As a rule they do back into the hills for the summer. There has been seen some wolves around so that’s maybe the reason they are re staying close to the settlement.

There will be a heavy hay crop this year but let’s hope the weather will stay dry for the ranchers to get it up. I have noticed some of the hay crops have started to lay down so it will be a bit harder to get. Some of the newer machines can compensate for that.

Sad news

A very sad weekend for our Lakes District with the passing of two very dear friends and so well known in our community. Marlene Feldman, beloved wife of Derek Feldman.  Another cancer victim.

Marlene was so active working in our community and will be greatly missed.

Robert Peebles Sr., better known as Bob, also left us. He had been in the Pines for some time. He also leaves his wife Frances and a wonderful family, who are so well known in our community. Bob was a cattleman, cowboy, mechanic, truck driver, to name a few of the trades that man had.

As a young man he played hardball (baseball). He was a catcher on the Francois Lake ball team for many years. Bob and his brother Arnie were instrumental in making the ball field and the playground at the Francois Lake school grounds what they are today.

Bob was also a very great friend of our family and we go back to over 70 years. You might say a lifetime.

Holiday times, so drive with care.

Always remember through thick and thin God loves you and so do I.