This ole’ cowboy loved Gary Fjellgaard’s cowboy songs

I’m so sorry to be a week late on my write-up on the wonderful program on Oct. 12.

I’m so sorry to be a week late on my write-up on the wonderful program on Oct. 12.

As they say better late than never. My last news went in a bit early and I was short of space. So here goes.

Great concert

On the evening of Oct. 12 at the LDSS multipurpose room at the high school we were presented with the most delightful program.

It was as you would say spellbinding or at least it was for so many, and I should say all. Valdy and Gary Fjellgaard such a talented pair and what a performance.

The room was just packed with music lovers and everyone really enjoyed it all. It was over too soon.

Again we must thank the Lakes District Arts Council for their choice. This would not be possible if it were not for the very generous sponsors with their financial donations.

Thanks to you all. Also we must thank those who gave their time in organizing and planning as this was also very important.

Everything was so well planned and again we thank you. We must not forget the art work that was also displayed, this really took any art lovers attention.

This artist has moved into Burns Lake and we will welcome you.

A little after thought on my part as the songs and the singing of the old cowboy songs by Gary. This is the stuff I was brought up on so it was kind of special for me.

Memorial service

On Saturday afternoon last there was a memorial service at the Grassy Plains Gospel Church for the late Cindy Lea Gardner. She passed away peacefully and unexpectedly at her home in Houston, B.C.

She was a wife, mother, daughter, grandmother and friend to so many.

She is lovingly remember by her mother Daisy Gardner and her husband Ken Hamond and her loving family which were so precious to her and to her many, many friends.

Cindy was brought up in our Lakes District, attended school at Cheslatta, Grassy Plains and Burns Lake. She is resting at the Grassy Plains cemetery.

After the service family and friends met at the Grassy Plains entertainment centre for lunch and talk about the many memories Cindy left with us all.

Mill parts still moving

There is still buildings and machinery coming across the lake from the now closed up mill at Ootsa Lake.

It’s to bad to see it all go. A dream that never came true. I would guess in our day and age these things happen more often than not.

It’s hard to realize just how big it all was. Seems like the loads go on forever. Also some loads of lumber coming over from the mill. It looks in pretty rough shape to be much good.

Nice lunch

On Sunday last was soup and bun day at the Grassy Plains Gospel Church.

This is always kind of special. It’s really more than soup and buns as there are lots of good things to eat besides I always enjoy these Sundays as going to church always gives me an appetite.

The speaker on Sunday was Joel Houston who gave a good message. It was a pleasure to meet Joel and his wife as they enjoyed meeting everyone as well.

No matter how you look at it fall is a busy time for us country folk.

Getting in the gardens and storing the vegetables, cutting wood and getting stacked up.

Filling up the cracks that you forgot during the summer. Storm windows and then if you burn wood clean the pipes and the chimney.

This is a big one. I will get one of my grandsons to do that. I’m getting a bit too old to climb roofs. I always used to do it but I don’t fly too good anymore.

I fooled the family this year by getting my winter tires sooner. As a rule I am the last but not this fall. I pat myself on the back.

Cold weather

After reading our local paper and the weather forecast sure is not too good. That 40 below stuff will be a bit hard to take.

We have had it before and came through okay How well I remember when the one winter a long time back when we had 70 F. We were the coldest place in Canada. Skag in Alaska I think matched us.

Moose season

I hear the moose season opens this coming week and it looks like every one is trying to get one.

More luck to you as I think the moose are a bit scared this year or at least that’s what I am hearing.

There is no season on Elk yet but maybe next year as by all reports they are moving in big time. The ranchers are not too happy.

As I am writing up my news I just notice two more big loads of everything coming from the Ootsa Lake mill. They sure must have had a huge set up. It just seems on going.

A thought for the day

Dreams are never destroyed by circumstances. Dreams are born in the heart and mind and only there can never die. Because while the difficult takes time the impossible just takes a little longer.

A little poem to make your day

No person has ever added up the value of a smile. We know how much the dollar’s worth and how much in a smile. we know the distance to the sun, the size and weight of earth, but no one here can ever tell how much a smile is worth. So my advice to you is keep smiling.

Have a safe week and enjoy living everyday as it’s a special blessing. Always remember God loves you and so do I.


What a great fall we are having kinda takes the pressure off the mixed up summer we had.

Don’t forget your flu shot, this is important especially old boys like me.