Time change is a bit of bother and confusing

Today is the second time that I have had a report of wolves moving back into the Francois Lake district.


Today is the second time that I have had a report of wolves moving back into the Francois Lake district. There is a pack of 10 just east of the Landing.

They have been seen out on the lake. This will fix the deer population and big time. The deer just won’t have a chance. It’s been many years since we have had a pack this big move in on us. The last wolf pack now many years ago went into our neighbours corral and killed a steer.

That’s just too close. Looks like something will have to done because once the deer population goes down,  which it will then the ranchers will have to watch their cattle. This is not new – we had the same problem years ago.

Lost an hour

Well we are no on Daylight Saving Time. As usual it’s confusing, takes about a week to get into the time change. I think it’s more confusing every year. Maybe it’s because of my age.

Is it that important that we have top keep changing times? Why don’t we get either time and leave it alone. Some places don’t change they just keep the same time all year.

Nice letter

Last week Laura from Lakes District News brought me a letter from members of the Beach family who at one time lived at Francois Lake in the house that my wife Jo and I raised our family in and spent over 60 years of our life living there.

It was a wonderful warm home with so much love. In 1940 Fred and Essie moved into what was to be our home.

The house at one time was close to the fence so Fred with some help, moved it onto a basement. Fred had dug it with a team of horses and a slip. We have heard that the original house was built in 1918 and was built in two pieces.

It’s years ago but Mrs. MacLean who had lived at the Landing told us the story.  Our family took over the store Oct. 1, 1941 from Vern Taylor. We moved in and the Taylor family moved out.

Vern was working for Eby’s Hardware. There were no wholesalers nearer then Vancouver and groceries came in by rail. So when we took over the store Fred got a new International five ton truck with Earl Deeder.

Earl and his wife Peg were farming the place now owned by the Grant family.  The trucking from Francois Lake every week paid off. Earl would pick up groceries and hardware orders on Monday morning and arrive back at the Landing on Friday afternoon with the orders.

There were other stores from the Southside who also got freight from them. How many years…I don’t remember but in time wholesalers started up in Prince George and Prince Rupert so Fred closed down.  He already had a local truck running with Pat Ford hauling livestock.

Deeders were from the U.S. where Earl had been a professional baseball player. He coached a team here at Francois Lake in the 50s and they cleaned up all over. I still have a photo of the whole team which I  treasure.

When Jo and I got married in 1949 we moved into the Beach home and the Beaches were now living in town. They were wonderful neighbours and we really missed them. They were like family.

The house still stands just as left it no changes and when ever I visit it I have a feeling my little Jo is still there and maybe she is. I hope the Beach family will enjoy this bit about Francois Lake history.

One thing that just came to mind is that Fred had a lovely big team of grey work horses, they were the ones that moved our house and the dug basement. Fred was selling the team to Johnny Martin who lived on Brown Road. Later on I hauled hay with that same team.


We had a moose come for a visit on the morning of March 6, 2014. It seemed quite tame.

I saw it come down from the Heritage Manor out onto the Babine Road. It walked the road a little while then took off. It looked in to be good shape, nice and fat.

Our dogs

We always had good dogs as a rule German Shepard as we found them the most reliable. We had one very good female we got from the police as a pup we called her Seana, she was one of the best and we all loved her. One fall just as we got our first snow I lost my key ring with all the keys for all our locks, store and all.

There was about four inches of new snow. Jo and I were upset as it meant all new locks. It was quite early morning and I was going to pick up the car and go to town as we had looked everywhere and no keys. Seana was following me low and behold she had my key ring in her mouth. She was holding the strap with all my keys, I could hardly believe my eyes.

Where had she found them is still a mystery and we always remember her for that. It was a sad day when we had to lose her as she had fallen out of the truck and broken her hip. She was a real treasure and lots of tears were shed.

Nice evening

What a delightful musical evening was spent on Wednesday evening last at the Tweedsmuir House when we were entertained by the singing students from town.

What did my heart good was the number of young folk taking part.

As they say music for the soul and singing for the heart. Yes we were favored with both. Thanks to yo all for such a great evening. I would like to hear you again.

On Thursday evening we were treated to a hymn sing by the Decker Lake Mennonite choir. We always enjoy the choir when they come over.

On Saturday night last there was a coffee house musical evening at the Francois Lake Hall. The hall was packed with music lovers. The hall was decorated both for the evening plus St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The music and singing was wonderful. The talent we have is terrific for want for a better word. There was so much variety to please everyone. A big thank you to everyone who helped put this all together. The funds are going for a sound system for our hall.

I have learned that I could have told my mom that I loved her one more time before she passed away.

Always remember God loves you and so does this old cowboy.