Vandalism must stop and parents must start by teaching it at home

Another week is rolling around again, seems go faster as I get older.

Another week is rolling around again, seems go faster as I get older.

The good news is that Francois Lake is going down, it has dropped quite a bit this last week.

This will be good news for the resorts that have been effected with the high water. They say the reason for the high water as it is because of all the dead timber along the lake. It seems that healthy tress used up the surplus water before it got to the lake. Now with all the dead trees the water just runs of and brings up the lake level.


Last week was a very busy week for parents and the graduates and of course the teachers. As per usual the graduation even better than usual if that’s possible.

What a wonderful feeling the grads must have to think of all those hard years of work is behind them now. It will feel like opening a new book with all the pages of a new world in front of them.

What a thrill it must be. No doubt it will be a little scary but it will be exciting. Good luck to you all and everyone. The theme this year was ‘Winter Wonderland.’

Back for summer

David and Linda Scott are once more in their summer home just west of the landing.

They left their family in Chilliwack and are up by themselves.

We always look forward to see them spend time up here. David said they are not newcomers as the family have been coming to their home here for 62 years.

David and his brother Ronald came up to the lake as youngsters with their mother and dad and now David and his wife, Linda, bring their family up to stay at the lake.

Lots of history has gone by in those 62 years.

Stan and Lois Likkel had family from Bellingham Washington spend a few days visiting them. Stan’s sister and brother in-law Bud and Lorraine Brouwser. The visit was very pleasant but much too short.

Sports day

On Wednesday the F.L.E.S. was a hub of activity with their annual yearly track and field sports day. I stopped for a short visit and there was so much going one. I didn’t realize there were so many young folks in our community. It’s always good to see so many parents taking an active part. Sports days are good for young and the not so young.


The char fishing has been very good of late. There have been three well over 20 pounds taken out so far. This is a bit unusual as a general rule that bigger char are caught a bit later in the season.

Last week a party were casting off the shore about a mile west of us and they caught some lovely big trout. So the good news is there is still great fishing in Francois Lake.

Since I have written up my news I notice in our paper a 29 pounder taken out. What a catch and something to brag about.

Of all the years we have lived here and all the fishing have done the largest char I ever caught was 22 pounds and I was sure proud of that, believe me.

Bad apples

In our local paper something caught my eye, vandalism getting the best of our community.  Thought that vandalism had slowed down a bit? But it seems not.

What thrill do these creeps, for want of a better word, get out of damaging other peoples property?

So our local theatre gets hit so no doubt prices will have to go up, is this fair? I think not.

But who is going to absorb the cost of the damages …. the customers will have to have a price raise to enjoy the theatre.

It seems the word respect has fallen by the wayside. It doesn’t seem to be around anymore.

When I was growing up, respect was taught in school and in our home by our parents. It was a number one word.

We taught children to respect other peoples property. Vandalism was unknown. The first thing you learn as a child is respect, taught to you by your parents and this should be carried on in today’s homes.

If you want your children to show respect you must show them respect yourself. Children learn from their parents. Set a good example and your child will follow you.

This kind of thing is uncalled for and unnecessary. I hope that I have not stepped over the line but these are my thoughts.

A little story

A guy went to a psychiatrist and he says “Doc, I just can’t sleep, I keep thinking there is somebody under my bed and it’s driving me crazy.” The shrink says “You will have to come to me three times a week for a year for $100 a treatment.” The guy told the shrink he would sleep on it as the prices was pretty high. Six months later he met the doc. “Your price was too high and the bartender cured me for $10.” “How’s that” said the shrink. “He told me to go home and cut the legs off the bed, and you know it worked, I sleep like a baby.”

Here’s one for you

Three old pilots were walking down the ramp. First one says “Windy isn’t it.” Second one says “No, it’s Thursday.” The third one says “So am I let’s go and have a beer.”

Black mark

An after thought I have just had. Rather shocking I must admit. All this past year we have heard and seen so much mob violence in other countries and we say this could never happen in Canada, well it did and big time.

Because of the loss of a hockey game it has given Canada a black mark, especially our most beautiful city, Vancouver.

It will take a long time to live it down. The property damage alone will never be known.

The whole thing was like a time bomb waiting to explode and it did.

We keep asking this question why? As Canadians it makes us ashamed to think this can happen to us.

You all take care now, remember God loves you and so do I.